Liam Payne Calls Out Taylor Swift for Harry Styles Diss: LAME!

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Miley Cyrus isn't the only singer receiving backlash for her behavior at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Taylor Swift pretty clearly dissed Harry Styles on two occasions at the ceremony, once getting caught telling him to shut the eff up in a conversation with Selena Gomez... and then calling him out in public when accepting the award for Best Female Video.

"I want to thank the person that inspired this song, and he knows exactly who he is," Swift said on stage of "I Knew You Were Trouble," as the camera then cut to One Direction in the crowd.

Asked about the incident at the New York premiere of their concert film, This Is Us, Styles' bandmates stood up for their pal, with Liam Payne giving especially pointed remarks to reporters.

"I just thought it was a bit not needed. I mean, you just won an award, it's like, concentrate on yourself!"

Did he think Taylor's actions were "lame?" Yes, Liam said when asked that question by a journalist on the scene.

Swift and Styles were photographed together at a VMA after-party, leading some to think an apology may have been made.

But Harry was only talking about Miley, not Taylor, at last night's premiere.

"I thought it was very reserved. I thought she was very, you know, timid," Styles joked about Miley's racy routine. "She's quite shy. I think she needs to come out of her shell a bit more."

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I guess in that situation Liam does not have a right to say that, because he is not Harry Styles and He is not Taylor's Ex.
So back off directioners.

@ Danilo Oareza

Your friends never stand up for you??


So I guess I'm the only 23 year old female who isn't immature and bashes her exes still? I don't get why she continues to do that. Good luck finding someone to love you if you have no grace, Swift.




You know, I'm a Swiftie and a Directioner. It's just so hard for people to respect her job?


well harry got dissed whether he liked it or not


maybe the song wasn't meant for harry, but she still dissed one of her exes.and she has to stop doing. like liam said she just won an award she should focus on herself. that was pretty immature and certainly not required. harry has been the bigger person the whole time even calling her a good performer. everyone defending taylor should google "taylor reveals inspiration of IKYWT"

@ jane

I agree She needs to value that moment when she wins an award.There is no need for her to try to get her digs in.She is really a talent but that little speech actually pissed me off.


Taylor's actions were just as disturbing as Kanye's previous treatment to her. I think she should've been considerate and professional giving the fact that she was upset and clearly because she continues to run with it even til this day. How is it possible for her to be so upset by Kayne's actions and still turn around and do the same thing to someone else. I told everyone that she is a bitch and not as innocent as she tries to potray. She has never fooled me that's why I don't indulge in her music. She is such a "Lame Bitch"...seriously!


She thanked the person that inspired the song, and guess what? That person was not Harry Styles. Taylor Swift wrote "I Knew You Were Trouble" before they even met. In fact, if you actually watch the music video and listen to the lyrics, I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be about John Mayer—fedora wearing, guitar playing, jerk bad boy? Yeah, that’s totally Mayer, not Styles. Fans of Harry Styles and One Direction need to shut up. I'm sick of hearing their stupid rants against every single woman in their idols' lives. It's actually kind of creepy. I'm not a huge fan of Taylor Swift, but she doesn't deserve the hate she gets from immature, whiny fangirls that actually think they have a chance with Harry Styles in those deluded little minds of theirs.


Your so vain if you think this song is about you.....Harry....she thanked the person who inspired the song. If you and the 1d fans think its about him you are admitting he is a vain cheater.It could be about anyone

@ merideth grey

She did so in a very sarcastiic manner.Whoever it is, she knew he was trouble right off the bat, so she is responsible for getting involved.Just accept the award already!


he studdied to be a LOSER, folks?

@ abe

He studied to be loser? No she is just an immature celebrity who can't let anything go and can hold a grudge till she dies

@ abe

Shut up! The song IS about Harry it has been admitted ok and don't call Harry a loser! He's been taking the high road about this and Taylor Swift has been going on on and being a selfish immature dumb ass and whatever happened in the relationship she should let go! Stop blaming it on HARRY!

@ Aly

And where exactly is the evidence of her admitting it was about Harry? Just because some MTV producer decided to cause trouble and cut to the look on One Direction's faces when she said that is not proof and Taylor herself has said that she won't admit who her songs are about because she doesn't want to name them anymore. How many times did they cut to Taylor's reaction at the show? Just about every time someone was on stage so of course it looks like she was saying shut the eff up but unless you all are professional lip readers I really don't think you're in a position to assume what she said and who she was aiming it at.

@ Courtney

It does not matter who the song is about.It's about accepting an award in a classy and gracious manner.Why does she even have to bring the inspiration up when
she just won? It sounded bitchy
and arrogant.When that is the title of your song,it says she already knew this guy was trouble, but she got into it anyway.l love that song but this is the first time I have thought that maybe she's not that nice.She really needs to
stop this.She is supposed to act like the pro that she is.

@ Courtney

That song was definitely not about Harry. She wrote it about someone else, since she dated him WAY after she recorded it and everything. She's just saying crap to start drama, I like some of her music..but she seriously needs to grow up and act mature.