Taylor Swift to Harry Styles: STFU!

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Forget Video of the Year or Best Collaboration.

Miley Cyrus won the unofficial trophy for Most Ridiculous at the MTV Video Music Awards last night, thanks to her stuffed bear and foam finger-based performance of "We Can't Stop."

And Taylor Swift clearly took home the title of Most Bitter Ex-Girlfriend, as cameras actually captured the singer turning to BFF Selena Gomez when ex-boyfriend Harry Styles was on stage with his bandmates and saying four simple words:

Shut. The. F-ck. Up.

Yes, it's clear Taylor has some pent up anger at Styles.

Perhaps she should write a song about it - which he says he's already anticipating. Watch the following GIF for to assess Swift's apparent response on repeat:

Taylor Swift VMA Cursing

I love your music tailor swift you are a amazing singer I love your singing love it I think I have seen you before and if I did you looked so pretty anyway you are so nice and any guy would like to go out with you


c'mon people. look at her actions, shes saying sorry for my arm!


Poeple need to get a life.She said "sorry for my arm"when she was talking to Selena.She pulled her arm back when Selena sat back in her seat.Directioners will trun ANYTHING into a big deal involving their boys.They need to get over it.Haylor ended a long time ago.IKYWT was not written about Harry.They never had a chance with Harry.Of course the camera will pan over to Taylor while the boys are on.FOR PUBLICITY.


Oh plz, we all know a camera can catch you at the right time n make anything look bad. Not saying she did direct it at him or she didn't


she sounds VERY bitter, she really needs to get a life. I think the only reason why she dates is so she can have material for her songs...grow up!

@ lisa

I agree!!! No wonder they all break up with her....i wonder when they'll learn that all she dates them for is so she can write songs


Your one hell of a singer Taylor I like all your music and your your one pretty Lady as well you go girl

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