Kris Humphries Feels Bad for Lamar Odom, Still Hates the Kardashians

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As he battles an alleged cocaine addiction, Lamar Odom has a surprising fan in his corner:

Kris Humphries.

The estranged ex-husband of Kim Kardashian is reportedly away of Odom's plight and "feels bad for the guy," an anonymous insider tells Radar Online, adding that Kris somehow thinks "the Kardashian public relations spin machine will have a negative effect [on] Lamar’s NBA career."

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Wait... what? Won't the drugs have a negative effect on Lamar's NBA career?

Humphries allegedly says he was the "victim of countless attacks" by a certain tabloid while married to Kardashian… and this same tabloid is the one that reported Odom as missing when the player's agent says Khloe was always aware of Lamar's whereabouts.

The implication, we guess, is that the Kardashians are planting rumors about Odom to make him look bad. Although it's unclear why this would possibly be the case.

"There should be a support group for the former husbands and boyfriends of the Kardashians," the Radar insider concludes.

We agree! Once Kris counts his millions and films the cameo on The Mindy Project that never would have come about if not for his marriage to Kim, we'll totally break out our violins for the guy.


Kris H needn't worry at all...the rest of the world HATES the kartrashians with a vengeance...they're a bunch of lowlife whores who love riding black dick - their only claim to fame...pimped out by a mother who is as bad if not worse than her slutty daughters - they will never escape what the rest of the world thinks of them...their next step is to die...real soon


We would not even know who he is without Kim. Certainly not a star baller. He got endorsements he would not have got if he had not married Kim. And during their relationship he was so disrespectful, I wonder why he still has beef against the family. He made out like a bandit thanks to them.


"Once Kris counts his millions and films the cameo on The Mindy Project that never would have come about if not for his marriage to Kim"..........after the way they lied about Kris H., and it was proven they did, and the way Khloe talked about him he should get more many more millions.


well, kim has curves.................but a 'Backbone'?


Khloe treated Kris H. like crap. Payback's a bitch!


He's absolutely right. All of the stories about Lamar and drugs come directly from those people. First Lamar gets caught cheating then immediately after the dad is telling the world Lamar is on crack. Its obvious.


All I want 4 XMAS is the downfall of these bitches!


Right......and the only people who knew Lamar was addicted to Oxy and Ambien was Khloe and her family.

@ Reallyh!!!

.....and whoever was supplying the drugs, and whomever they told and who ever he did the drugs with and who ever they told.. a bit naïve to think "only the family" knew.. but hay, .....peace....


reportedly away of Odom's plight proof read much?


thats very nice kris and we are all concerned for lamar. maybe this can pull all together positive energy for wounded lamar. thats cool kris.

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