Lamar Odom Agent Disputes Missing Persons Report, Mum on Drugs

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The agent for Lamar Odom has spoken out for the first time since rumors of his client's drug problems hit the Internet.

Speaking to ESPN, Jeff Schwartz did not reveal just where Odom is hiding out, but claims the free agent power forward never vanished and "his wife knows exactly where he is."

The report does state, however, friends are trying to assist the former Clippers and Lakers star with substance abuse issues, while Schwartz would only add that "playing in the NBA is still very much a part of Lamar's plans."

Sources have said Khloe Kardashian is desperate to save Odom, focusing more on his well-being these days than the state of their failing marriage.

A new TMZ report, meanwhile, goes back to Odom's days on the Dallas Mavericks (who cut the disappointing star prior to the end of the season).

The celebrity news site alleges Lamar was smoking Oxycontin and cocaine, and reportedly left evidence of this dangerous habit inside a hotel room in Memphis.

Khloe and Lamar are separated at the moment, with chatter of a divorce running rampant amidst drug abuse rumors - and cheating claims - against the latter.

Kardashian has said little publicly regarding talk that her husband has been unfaithful and/or is hooked on crack cocaine, except to lash out a couple times on Twitter.

Most recently, she wrote: "Really hard to sit here and listen to people talk sh-t about my family! F-ck you and shame on you! I'm too protective for this sh-t!"


Lamar needs to leave Khloe and go and get help and get a legal separation. I like both of them but according to what I just read Kris has spoken to their lawyer about Khloe and the article confirmed that someone in the Kardashian family leaked this to the news and that Kris is now saying Lamar is the reason Robert is the way he is cuz of Lamar. The article is even saying Kris is trying to Destroy Lamar. I don't know if Kris got the memo but Rob is psycho and she should have taken cray cray into her own damn house insteadbof blame Lamar. Given the fact that Lamar is in trouble he needs to have someone speak for him to. Cuz this has happened does not mean the Kardashians can quietly finish Destroying him. I hope Kanye is paying attention to all of this. Releasing that info to the news was mean. Lamar needs to Get It together


Good for her standing up for her marriage and husband, even if he does not deserve it. These people live for publicity and the one time they need privacy they find they sold away that option. Kind of understand Kanye keeping a lid on his personal life.


Khloe, you should just IGNORE all of this CHEAP talk, and FOCUS. One thing though, You CAN'T change a MAN. Only that man can MAKE the CHANGE in himself, and that goes to IF he wants to.. If he loves you and wants to KEEP himself in this marriage, he WILL CHANGE by himself. No PRODING, just IGNORE the press/media.


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