Willie McGinest Gushes Over Justin Bieber: What a Neighbor!

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Not all former NFL stars are anti-Justin Bieber.

Weeks after Keyshawn Johnson went off on the singer - even tailing him back to his home and screaming at him for speeding - another USC alum is standing up for the troubled teen.

Justin Bieber at MGM Grand

Asked by TMZ for his thoughts on Bieber, Willie McGinest said he has no issues with the singer.

The ex-Patriots linebacker and Super Bowl champion, who resides across the street from Justin in a gated Calabasas community, added of the young star:

"[Bieber's] a good neighbor. My daughters love him."

McGinest also said Bieber goes out of his way to please children in the neighborhood.

This stands in stark contrast with the ugly, selfish portrait painted of Justin by other locals, who claim Bieber toils around in a Segway... smokes up... holds loud parties... and drives recklessly despite the presence of kids all around him.

On whose side do we fall? We'll wait for Simeon Rice to weigh in before making up our minds on Bieber as a neighbor.

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We now see what money buys 16 year old kid, a half a million dloalr car! What an idiot!! I will or would not give this wanna be Justin Timberlake any of my money. He can't sing, he is too young to make this much money!! You can thank all his 12 year old girls out there for his money, or better yet you can thank their dumb parents!!


you are so hot


TMZ a few other sites have not corrected their false report that he had a rider showing he's a diva. That shows how dishonest they are. I hope Bieber one day sues them for everything they got!


lmao tmz needs to stop and leave this kid alone..this stuff happened a month ago so why the fuck are they still digging don't they have something better to do..this is becoming very irritating fast..


I am sure TMZ which has been on a fishing expedition to dig out dirt on him, were not pleased with his answer. They expected a trashing of this unfairly treated kid.


Obviously some of his neighbors don't really know him and are exaggerating to get him out. He is hardly in that neighborhood so they are reacting to his black friends who watch over his house and whom they probably feel uncomfortable with[racism?]