Justin Bieber Spotted Smoking Up, Riding Segway, Causing All Kinds of Problems

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We have an update on Justin Bieber and his run-in with police on Sunday.

And it doesn't pain the artist in a very positive light.

As previously reported, cops responded to multiple calls from neighbors that Bieber was speeding around and endangering children on the street, with former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson actually pulling up to Justin's residence to confront him over this behavior

Justin Bieber Waves in Spain

Now, according to TMZ insiders, we've learned that Bieber's actions around his gated community go far beyond one reckless driving incident.

Over just the past few days alone, they allegedly include:

  • Reaching dangerously high speed in his Ferrari and motorcycle.
  • Nearly hitting a pedestrian when pulling out of his driveway Sunday.
  • Loud noises emanating from parties that ran until at least 3 a.m., with police called regarding noise reports on two occasions.
  • Riding on a Segway with a friend, both of whom were clearly smoking marijuana.

Neighbors also take major issue with cars parked on the street all night and with Justin running a business from his house, which goes against homeowners association rules.

All of these complaints come on the heels of Bieber being booed at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, an experience that led to Justin saying he needed to take some time.

But perhaps we misunderstood just what the superstar would be doing with that time.


This is the tyme he needs u the most... Pls dont leave him..if he wronged u in any way pls forgive him...justin is a cute guy...ur relationship with justin is complicated...u guys should be serious...now he is no more the justin bieber I use to know...he has totally changed from good to bad...i know u the young stars are lyke that...selena u re no exception...i think justin should try and date someone dwho is not a star....


Driving any thing with rackless speed in streets is not good for him and also for others, so he nust realize that things like this should not be done in future.


Justin is not hot at all i use to like him but now I don't


Justin is not hot a all he is ogle

@ Selena

Justin is not hot


Driving at unsafe speeds in a residential community or around town is just plain idiotic, and Justin is literally begging for trouble by continuing to do so. By ignoring the pleas of his neighbors, he's showing just how immature he really is. What will it take until Justin finally listens - a small child or other person to get run over and killed? Yes, it can happen. When I bought my first sportscar, I, too, drove faster than the speed limit in my neighborhood until one of our neighbor's 12 yr old daughters was hit and killed by another car who said he didn't see her crossing the road. Those parents will never get their daughter back and the guy who hit her - his life is forever ruined because of it. Listen, there are plenty of places Justin can go to drive his car as fast as he wants - so there's no excuse to do it just to be a showoff around town. If he wants people to respect him, he's going about it the wrong way.


People just need to get over it he has the money to do what he wants and where he want and the people can't do shit about it.

@ Miguel

Someone...(mom) needs to help this young man.. He is on track to destruction..no one had the GUTS to help Elvis or Micheal Jackson and countless others with to much wealth and fame! To all his fans... Stop spending your money on his concerts, cd's anything in his name....it just might save his life...


What did he do?


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Get this kid a rattle immediately to stick in his mouth.


First of all...you can't tell if someone is stoned unless your either face to face with them, how can anyone even ''tell' if he was stoned or not while supposedly driving? thats stupid. Another thing people need to leave Justin alone...why is it impossible for him to live his life? is it because he gets to live his dream? Haters need to back up already. and these stories are sooo ridiculous...like beyond. Get a life guys!

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