Justin Bieber: Reckless Driving to Blame for Neighborly Confrontation

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Another day, another instance of negative publicity for Justin Bieber.

The singer was accused of battery yesterday by a neighbor who got into an intense confrontation with Bieber on the property of his home in Calabasas.

However, contrary to initial reports, TMZ now claims the incident did NOT stem for the loud partying of guests that were residing at Bieber's mansion while the owner was off touring Europe.

Justin Bieber Abroad

Instead, the neighbor was allegedly peeved over how Justin was driving "unbelievably recklessly" through the neighborhood in his Ferrari, estimating that the artist was topping out at 100 mph while his wife was walking the dog and kids were playing on the street.

Multiple neighbors back up this man's claim and assert that Bieber often puts those around him at risk when behind the wheel.

Overall, Bieber's driving record is anything but clean. He has been pulled over countless times for speeding and for making illegal turns.

Heck, a TMZ cameraman snapped a photo of Justin blowing through a red light just hours after yesterday's argument.

The neighbor told authorities that Bieber made contact with him during their blow-up and that is why the battery charge was filed. No word yet from the celebrity or anyone in his camp, but we'll keep readers apprised.


Belieber’s want to know JB’s neighbor home address, so they can send their love!!!


The neighbor went onto Justin’s property. The neighbor was wrong to confront anyone that may be breaking the law. He should have called the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department instead. I am glad the Bieb's came back from Europe to greet his car. Their seems to be a lot of male celebrities following Justin's lead by getting rid of their female celebrity companions. May be it's better to buy a new car. Cars are less problematic. Please don't come into my property with your problems.


He is just a little punk that needs his ass kicked up and down the block a few times,what do people see in this stupid little punk? Watch him, he is going down hill,another overpaid little punk,just like all the other people who have money,think they are god and can do and get away with anything they want, put him in the real world and have to work a real job!! But he would still be a little loud mouth punk


Justin biebet needs a good punishmet
He thinks he's so tough and a badass. Without his ecurity I bet he wouldn't run his mouth. It would be shut. He needs to smarten his ass up.be thankful he never hit or ran somebody over. He should buy a pruis


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