Pink Reacts to Kanye West Diss: It's All Good!

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Pink has no hard feelings. She isn't angry over being dissed by Kanye West a few years ago in a clip that just surfaced for the first time this week.

Yeezus slammed both Pink and Taylor Swift following the 2009 MTV VMAs (when he famously yanked the mic from Taylor), but Pink is not bitter.

In fact, she said that she's probably guilty of the same exact thing!

When news of the alleged rant reached Pink, she was cool with it.

She tweeted, “Oh come on y’all. If people secretly recorded me and all the $h!t I talk ... It’s all good. All love. And we all still here. Peace please.”

Pink, ladies and gentlemen. She rules.

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Kanye West Video Still

While the singer may not be angry in the least, this is the latest in a string of incidents in which the rapper's rage issues have been well documented.

Secretly recorded or not, this is one angry individual it seems.

“What the f**k was Pink performing?” West is allegedly heard saying in the leaked audio, the same night he legendarily cut off a young Taylor.

“Don’t nobody know that song. Pink performed twice! Two songs? How the f**k Pink perform two songs and I didn’t even get asked to perform ‘Heartless.’”

We're curious to see how Kris Jenner defends him on this one.


Pink used R&B to gain black fans and when she found success, she abandoned them. We have to stop giving our art away.


ZIMMY should have shot Kanye instead of me!!


I have a great deal of respect for Pink. I've seen her in concert twice and she works really hard to put her all into entertaining her fans.
I've never heard a Kanye West song. He seems to work hard to write and produce for himself and others:- which is admirable.
They are both wealthy and successful artists. Both have healthy egos.
I've seen a lot of press with him being truculent and surly and unpleasant, he seems really mad all the time. Anger Management Therapy seems designed for this person-especially now he has a child of his own. It's pretty Undignified for him to be so publicly egotistical and judgemental. I hope he grows up and gets a Clue for the sake of his daughter.


Pink's admirable.


Pink is a hypocrite. She mocked Beyoncé and Christina Aguilera with that stupid girl song for their sexuality driven performances and then turned around and did the same thing they did! Kanye was right because Taylor swift cant sing and iPink can barely sing and doesn't write her own music, some how they are famous singers.why do they get a pass on talent. Kanye writes and produces his own material and songs and also produces and writes songs for other famous artist, Do you know how hard that is? It is a slap in the face when your the most popular artist in the most popular genre of music that the youth identify with the most and another artist sings two songs and you don't get to perform at all.

@ The Truth

she didn't mock Beyonce or Christina Aguilera in the video, it was the 'dumb' Hollywood girls like Lindsey Lohan, Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton. the song and the videos message has nothing to do with being to sexy, it's asking why do girls have to act stupid and un-cultured to get a man, when women should be as intelligent as they can be, what does someone get out of playing dumb? also she does wright her own songs, she is an amazing lyricist and has worked with Linda Perry, who is out of this world talented. her voice is also incredible, the raspy tones to her voice are very Janis Joplinesc
also on the note of her being a hypocrite, she doesn't portray herself as a sex symbol, what she wears on stage is a stage outfit, something for the show, she works hard to get her performances how she wants, but you don't she her swaning around in those outfits off of the stage, she is a real jeans and t-shirt girl.


Don't worry about it Pink.. You have way more talent then this loser!!

@ Mare

MARE that wasn't to you! Comment to Kayne. PINK is GREAT!!

@ Mare

You and Kayne tone deaf!
He's a sweeeeeet little man with a MJ sofffffft baby voice-ish!

Shelly kay rowland

Kanye obviously needs to stay away from the bottle! I am a fan of his earlier work (The Wire, Jesus Walks, Amazing, Heartless, etc.) but the crap he has been putting out the past couple of years is just that...CRAP! I am NOT a Taylor Swift fan but she handled his rudeness like a pro. I LOVE Pink and thought she handled it with class!


Pink took the high road which that egotistical, immature, juvenile, no talent idiot has no idea exists. President Bush doesn't care about black people, he interrupts people on national tv, throws tantrums about people who were asked to perform instead of him. His maturity level stopped somewhere in the toddler stage. Me, me, me........ Should make a great parent, since he's so good at putting others first.


Can't stand him.


K west has the butt smuggliest look and one of those heads that beg you to take a baseball bat to it. He can't help it - that's why he is such a hatfull racist D-Bag

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