Kris Jenner on Kanye West Rage Issues: Blame the Cameraman, Sleep Deprivation!

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Appearing on CBS' The Talk today, Kris Jenner offered an interesting explanation for Kanye West exploding at a photographer at LAX last week:

  1. He's sleep deprived, with North West just being born and all.
  2. You don't know what happened beforehand, people!

Kris urged people not to hate on Kim Kardashian's baby daddy for Kanye's rage issues after he came at a TMZ cameraman - who dared to compliment Yeezus.

Jenner says that knowing 'Ye, something OBVIOUSLY must have happened in the 15 minutes before the attack to provoke him into such a rage.

Never mind that the video shows him getting out of the car ... and the guy is actually nothing but nice to the rapper before having his $h!t smashed.

Re-watch the clip below and see if you buy what she's selling ...

Kanye West rage issues at the paparazzi:


Kanye wants everything doesn't he? He wants to be a successful rap artist, without the drama of paparazzi and fans noticing him. You can't have everything you want, Kanye. Be happy people care enough or stop rapping all together,


Kris, your mouth is open as usual and all I see is "blah blah blah."


show the baby already, it will be driving soon, heading north west.


I doubt if she watched herself?


Someone tell her to zip it and go away! So annoying!!!!!

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