Kanye West Slams Pink, Rants About Taylor Swift in Leaked Post-VMA Audio

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Kanye West has been caught flipping out again.


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    Please stop reporting on Kim and Kanye. Please. I can't take it anymore. Aren't there some new attention slores we can focus on?


    Hated this guy before the Taylor swift incident, hated him more afterward. Didn't know I could dislike him more but after reading this, yea I think it's possible. WTH do sit-in's & his mom have to do with any of it? Kanye is just an egotistical maniac & as much as it surprises me to say it, he might just be more disliked than the Kardashians for many. The one GOOD piece of news I read today is the Kardashian's show is ending. The bad news is it supposedly isn't until 2015. PLEASE take this crap & all other idiotic 'reality' TV off the air!


    Seriously hate this guy. Him and Kim are perfect together. Both are losers.


    Sorry, but that individual really needs to learn a. How to speak English. His rant meant nothing - cause I can't understand a word he said!
    b. Some modicum of manners and or/class - you don't interrupt a person getting an award, ever, like never ever!


    Errrmmm, I thought these awards were pre-determined so people know if they're going to win or loose. Don't see what the fuss is about. Yes Beyonce is a stronger artist, but these awards have zero merit. Come the next year, nobody even remembers who won the year before....

    @ anne

    Not sure if winners are told ahead of time or not. I think it sucks if they do but it makes sense considering some pre-record acceptance speeches. The public votes for the VMA's so I think that merit's a lot of recognition. As far as Beyonce being a stronger artist, I TOTALLY disagree. The info I found shows Taylor Swift has sold 100 million records, 72.5 million which are certified. Beyonce has sold 75 million with 50.6 million being certified. Plus Taylor's first record to hit the charts was 3 years later than Beyonce. Taylor first charted in 2006, Beyonce first charted in 2003. Not a country fan but I like Taylor OK because she's pop-country. Beyonce is talented, can't deny that but not a big fan of her. I just think she's always been cocky & only looking out for herself. Otherwise, her parents wouldn't have been her manager & stylist & I think Destiny's Child would have been together a lot longer. Anyway, not trying to start a war between Taylor & Beyonce fans, just looking at the sales numbers & giving my opinion :-)


    And this is who kim kardashian is with he has no class hes a sore loser he needs therapy anger management something he aint happy unless hes the center of attention he does this shit o get attention


    Agree Swift is a no talent that should not be winning all these awards over other artists. Pinks number was the best of the night hands down. Kanye wants to be king if the Jungle.

    @ Spare+me

    What are you - an IDIOT??? Of COURSE Swift has TALENT - much much MORE than West! (And I'm black saying this so don't pull out the race-card!)!
    They say we gotta stick together but never said we had to blindly follow a CRAZY-A$$ MANIAC! West sees himself as a .."Superior Being" which is comical to me! All I see is a RICH "brotha"!

    @ Spare+me

    Talentless people don't just win 6 grammys and over 130 awards..
    Everyone has their own opinion but Taylor does have talent. You can't just go into the industry with no talent and win so many awards.


    fuck niggas


    I buy my pot from a black guy, he is kinda dumb as well.

    @ heuenf

    But you sound DUMB for saying that, idiot!


    Kanye, you can rant all you want about other rappers because their in your league. But ranting about people who have the talent to sing, play instruments, and write music is above your pay grade.

    @ theman

    Great reply!

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