Justin Bieber Accused of Spitting in Face of Ohio DJ

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Justin Bieber has been accused of spitting in yet another man's face.

The singer - whose neighbor in Calabasas made the same claim in March - allegedly confronted a DJ at the Social Room on Park Street in Columbus, Ohio because he was told the man was snapping photos of Bieber on his cell phone.

J. Bieber in Vegas

Because the nightclub is Over-21 only and Justin is only 19 (and got booted from a Chicago bar last week for the same reason), the supposed victim says Bieber approached him with a few "choice words."

"He called my mom something, called my dad something, called me something," the man said during a call to Dave and Jimmy Show on WNCI, adding that Justin then "spit in my face."

The DJ says he plans to file charges, though a rep for Bieber has already contacted TMZ with a denial. It reads:

"Everything's been going really well on the tour and it's just really sad that someone would copycat others' baseless claims just to try and get attention for themselves."


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