Justin Bieber: Booted From Chicago Bar For Underage Drinking

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Justin Bieber is having bad luck inside eating establishments this week.

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    If he's not careful, he's headed down the same path as L-Lo and Amanda Bynes.


    America has this 'under 21' thing when it comes to alcohol... How come playboy can hire 'under 21' models? How come the legal age to do porn is 18?


    People have every right to what they damn fit. Stop judging!


    He needs to stop hanging around with those bad influence people and get back with Selena so he will stop bad and won't turn out to be like The other stars that where young and turn out to be bad and drinking and going to jail

    @ Alexia

    Oh and I love Justin bieber im just making a suggestion

    @ Alexia

    If Justin has to have Selena around so that he will not act like an idiot, then he's in poor shape. Does he have to have Selena around to know right from wrong. Come on, he`s being a spoiled brat and his ego is sadly blown out. He`s only ruining his own reputation!


    Another shitty thing he did was step on the Blackhawks logo when he went to see the Stanley Cup. For those of you who don't know, it's a hockey tradition to not step on the logo at the center of the dressing room because its bad luck. Hockey fans didn't take this too kindly. This is another thing that bugged me when he went to touch the Cup, he wore LA Kings attire even though everyone has seen him wear hats and jerseys of almost every team, he wore Kings attire to see the Cup in. The Blackhawks locker room.


    Biebs sidekicks are such a bad influence in his life. Dude needs to man his ass-up & stop hanging out and lending his car to irresponsible people.


    Loser with a capital L


    Wow selena u really know how to pick em. So looks like ur new born lil sis isn't the only one ur going to be babysitting. Hope u hv plenty of bottles and diapers...esp for tht little whiny prick!


    i enjoy watching this "christian" douchebag crash and burn...
    bring it on!!!

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