Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra: Wedding Called Off!

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Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell recently called off her Renaissance-themed wedding to her baby daddy, stepbrother and middle school sweetheart Tyler Baltierra.

She tearfully recalled the experience on VH1's Couples Therapy.

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“She was floored. She didn’t see it coming,” Dr. Jenn Berman, their Couples Therapy psychologist, told celebrity gossip publication In Touch.

The couple has not broken up, however. At least not yet.

The reality show's couples counselor says she ultimately sees it as a positive move for the young lovers, who are still living together in Michigan.

“I don’t view it as a setback,” she explains.

“To get married before you are ready is disastrous. By calling off the wedding for now, they are giving themselves a chance for a long and healthy relationship.”

Earlier this month, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra confirmed that their July wedding plans came to a halt after he dropped a major bombshell.

The shocking confession that Tyler isn’t ready for marriage yet left fiancee Catelynn reeling. “It’s absolutely devastating,” a friend of Lowell said.

The couple’s relationship has been put to the test by time apart, as Tyler pursued an acting career in New Orleans and Catelynn stayed behind in Michigan.

“Tyler just isn’t ready for marriage,” Dr. Berman added. “He was so afraid of hurting Catelynn’s feelings that he hadn’t been totally honest with her.”

While there are obviously some issues there, the couple - who gave their daughter up for adoption - are light years ahead of Jenelle Evans at least.

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Wow i'm sad to hear that maybe they needed some time apart after the show u nerver know in the years ahead of us they may get back together and besides they where to young anyway.


Wow i'm sad to hear that maybe they needed some time apart after the show u nerver know in the years ahead of us they may get back together and basides they where to young anyway


i think you the best couple ever!!!!!!!! Dont worry what people say you do whats best for you


hi im leonie swarts from south Africa and i just want to say that you made an awesome decision about carly. i live your storie it based on my life even though im not pregant or got an baby but it will help me. thums up


he however should have thought long and hard before proposing before he was ready. not fair to catlynn to hang on if its not what he really wants


maybe if they just wait until they are both done with school and decide what they want in life they will be ok. Tyler however needs to give up the acting bit and get his life straight and think realistically and find a career thats not hard to make money in . The acting thing is just a childhood dream. He needs to decide what he wants and if he is not ready to committ to catylnn he needs to set her free before she gets really hurt. If they are meant to be then they will work out but maybe he needs to finish school first and get his life in order before he gets married and do some soul searching to make sure catlynn is the one.

@ Rebecca

After watching teen Mom, he should have nipped in the bud a long time ago. She is clingy and whiny and has no self worth. I remember the episode where he tried to get her to go to school to study something. She was jealous of the time his studies took away from her. If they are meant to be together, then a few more years will not hurt. TAKE IT SLOW.


I've loved these two from the beginning. They were thoughtful and smart for their babies sake. If they truly love each other they would already married and moved on. I believe he is looking for more. Fame has turned his head. Cate let him look and give him room to grow for bad or worse. Be there for him but don't wait forever. You deserve your dreams too.


I don't think that the public should pressure Tyler to marry. Enough of how "cute" they are. It is HIS life, and he is not responsible for her and her guilt-trip, deadbeat ways. This young man needs to live as he pleases. Also, they really need to step away from Carly's parents. Catelynn uses Carly's existence whenever she feels that Tyler is drifting away. If I was in the adoptive parent's shoes, I wouldn't feel that I could truly parent my baby with T and C constantly insinuating themselves in their lives. You gave her up, now let her parents raise her without constant reminders of you two. Get on with your lives separately. Tyler, sow some wild oats and get an education. Catelynn, go back to the couch, you are boring and have no ambition beyond being a housewife.


We admire whatever you have done the following. I love the particular part that you say what you are doing this to give back but I would presume by every one of the comments which is working for you as well. Do you have any further info on this kind of?
kidney diet

@ kidney diet

Well said.

@ kidney diet

Do you know Catelyn and Tyler? If not you should not be judging by what you see on the show. The show doesn't show you everything. And as for separating from Carly's life. That was part of the adoption that they would be part of her life. I think you people that want to judge them with out knowing them calling them deadbeats and saying they have no ambition should get a life of your own instead of judging others lives. They are young and they will figure things out without all the judgment of others. Best Wishes to you both Catelyn and Tyler.

@ Sheridan

That wasn't meant to be at Kidney Diet. Sorry it went under your comment

@ Sheridan

We may not know them personally, but I have watched all episodes of Teen Mom. Catelyn try to make Tyler feel guilty of her inadequacies. He did go to college, he wants to make something of his life. He needs to separate himself from her and his family to sort himself out before he can help them.


Tyler Baltierra is one of the most mature guys I have ever seen in my life. If he and Catelynn don't end up together in the end he is going to make a terrific partner for someone else. From the first episode of Teen Mom that they were in he was way more mature than his years,he took his childhood negatives and made them into a learning experience to make him a much better person and I have so much respect for him. For him and Catelynn to overcome everything that they have faced in there young lives they are both pretty amazing people. I hope that they can be happy either together or with someone else because they both deserve it so much. I hope that they can be a bigger part of Carly's life when she gets older because they really did the least selfish act of giving a couple a child that they couldn't care for and that they couldn't have on there own. That took so much courage on there part and they will second guess themselves for the rest of there lives.