Arnold Schwarzenegger Rumored For Conan Trilogy

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We already knew that Arnold Schwarzenegger was back as Conan, but now it appears as if it's not just one Conan the Barbarian. Oh no, rumors are swirling about today that it will actually be a Conan trilogy. 

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"But Arnold Schwarzenegger is so old" you might say, and you would be right. At 65, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a little on the old side.

That is why the filmmakers currently plan for the new Conan movie to pick up after the end of the first one. So ignore that you ever saw Conan the Destroyer or 2011's Conan the Barbarian with Jason Momoa. 

Fredrik Malmberg, CEO of Paradox Entertainment, which holds the rights to the franchise, says that the new trilogy would start the story several years after the original Conan the Barbarian. 

"The idea is that this takes place after Conan has been king, but this is the legend of Conan where he has been gone and people say, 'Do you remember the good ol' days when Conan was around?' and now it's time for him to come back."

So basically Arnold Schwarzenegger's Conan is just like the New Kids on the Block. Good to know.

Let's hear it THG'ers. Should Arnold Schwarzenegger bring Conan the Barbarian back as a trilogy? 


While I enjoyed Young Arnold as Conan and he embodied my vision of what Conan should be on film, his current age detracts from the idea that the new proposed vision picks up a "few years later". I liked the 2011 Conan as well, a different vision but a good portrayal of the Cimerian warrior and his development into a world class theif and adventurer. I don't think a new trilogy of Conan after he has been king is something I want to see. I would however like to see some of the short stories already written of his adventures before he became king combined.


No One can do it better,THG...
Even with all of today's technology and special effects---the new guy didn't come close...He did his best. Yet,Arnold's 'Conan' blows it out of the water...There is no other 'Conan'. Sometimes,certain actors bring their character's to Life so well that---no one else is right to do it again.
For instance: No One could EVER be 'Rocky' or 'Rambo' but Stallone---NO ONE...No One can ever be 'Blade' but Snipes. No One can ever be 'Wolverine' like Jackman. Nor 'Iron Man' like Downey Jr. 'Thor' like Hemsworth. Hell,no one will ever be right to play Kwai Chang Kaine except Carradine(may he Rest In Peace).
Some characters are just set when certain actors do them. Others can be okay,and maybe even good,but---never like those who made them...
Since the new 'Conan' takes off later in life,I'm betting Arnold does a great job! He always did before...
Everybody else has a voice now about what is wrong to be against,from gay marriage to cyber-bullying,so now I'm officially throwing in another wrong: Stop with the 'ageism'...Just because someone ages,doesn't mean they must be immediately discarded,or over-looked---That is WRONG, I don't care who it is! These guys have still got-it! I haven't been disappointed with any of their latest efforts,and until that time comes---I'll be right there at the cinema's watching...
Later all; Hollywood---out.


his age is causing him Alzheimer?

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