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No doubt fueled by speculation regarding Hillary Clinton’s possible second candidacy for president, NBC has ordered a four-hour mini-series based on her life.

Diane Lane will star in Hillary, recounting Clinton’s life from 1998-present.

NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt announced the miniseries Saturday at a TCA press event, calling her “one of the most fascinating women of our time and this world.”

“And on the precipice of what we all assume will be her running for president, we think it’s an interesting story to tell with classy producers and a great star.”

The script, which has not been written, will begin during her husband Bill Clinton’s second term and will likely include her second run at the presidency.


Assuming that happens, of course … though polling suggests she’d do well.

It is not based on a book and Clinton is not involved with the project.

Lane was already attached to the mini-series when NBC bought it.

“She just seems like a great actress, an Academy Award-nominated actress and it seems like she has the gravitas and the poise,” Greenblatt said.

The miniseries would likely air before Clinton would announce her candidacy in the 2016 election, which she would do sometime in early-to-mid 2015.

“She’s not going to declare her candidacy for two more years,” Greenblatt said. “This could well have aired before that. We have to talk through all that.”

Hillary 2016?