Mike O'Malley Remembers Cory Monteith as "Real Quarterback," Incredibly Warm Person

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On Saturday, two days after the cast of Glee said goodbye to Cory Monteith at a private memorial, Mike O'Malley reflected on his late costar and frequent scene partner.

Appearing on a panel at the Television Critics Association press tour in promotion of his upcoming sitcom, Welcome to the Family, the 46-year old told reporters:

"I think that I had what was probably the toughest scene I’ve ever acted in my career as an actor opposite [Monteith] when I had to throw him [Finn] out of the house because of a slur that he used."

Mike O'Malley on Glee

And what does O'Malley remember about that scene?

"It was remarkable to me, when we were shooting that scene over and over again, the depth of emotion he was able to portray, the sorrow, the shame," the actor said. "Ever since I met him, he was the fictional quarterback on that show, and he was the very real quarterback on that set."

Monteith - who O'Malley describes as an "incredibly warm guy" - tragically died of a heroin overdose on July 13.

Production on Glee Season 5 has been delayed as a result and the premiere has been pushed back a week. It will now air on Thursday, September 26.

O'Malley said he hopes to return to the series as Kurt's father at some point next year and added that Monteith was a "guy who was welcoming to everyone who came on that show... and he was a very, very hardworking actor. And I just loved working with him. He was a great guy, and I miss him very much."

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