Anthony Bourdain Slaps Down Justin Bieber: What a Punk!

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Anthony Bourdain - who was on to Paula Deen before the rest of the world was on to Paula Deen - has come out with some VERY harsh words for Justin Bieber.

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    Jealousy...not a show goes by that he doesn't have s drink in his hand....
    when you make over 100 million then maybe just maybe u can comment.

    @ laffy

    Beiber is immature, so you have give him some slack. If he wants to throw away money fighting court cases for his childish behavior then so be it.

    Lawyers are the only winners here.
    Beiber has to keep inmind that America's judicial system is very different than Canada and having a lot of money does not guarantee he won't see jail time if he racks up too many charges and the records they keep never go away.


    Uhh, who is Anthony Bourdain anyway?


    I'm a BIEBER FAN but what the hell was JB thinking ewww and gross


    while on the travel channel why don't you just travel away your disscusting


    it would seem that several people have mr.BOURDAIN(there i think i spelled it right) number.he is a creep!


    i'm not a "beaver" fan; however not a fan of "mr.(ha)boudain definitely.don't care about his opinion. he needs to tend to his cookin' if that's what one can call it.

    @ fran attaway

    Maybe you should read a bit more to find out why anthony bourdain made such a comment and his cooking has little to do with what he said .


    Man F-That & F*** YOUU Anthony!!!!!!!! N aww yall haitinn on Justin!!! Make $$ like him n then talk n to all you females out there haiten you shuld b ashamed!! He's the cutiest lil thing out there WHAT ARE YOU LESBIANS ORR WHATT!!!??? N ur dum if u think he's gay ofcorse that's what othr guys would say he's hotter n gots girls!! Lol what if you said a Jessica alba was ugly or gay would ur gy say the same Nooo he'd say she's Hott! So y give ur gy soo much credit!???- #GOO BIEBER!!!!*:)

    @ candy

    Bourdain's career contains vastly more achievements than Justin's. He has been all over the world, spent time with countless cultures, been on many TV shows, has tons of awards, including an Emmy and he's run kitchens in many high profile restaurants.

    Jealousy? No grown adult would be jealous of Bieber's petulance-laden career.

    This isn't middle school, kid, grow up.

    @ candy

    Heeey Caaaandy....why not go to school and learn to write & speak before trying to communicate with the rest of us???? Biebers a F*****G creep...who the hell is supposed to clean up his wanna go lick it up???


    Tell it like it is, Tony!

    "Squirrel balls..." I have never laughed so hard in my life. And that phrase will be in the back of my mind all day making other people wonder WTF I'm laughing at. Beiber is such a self-loving, self-entitled pr---. Where is his proud mama when he's acting like this? Time to deport the little D-bag and let Canada put up with his behavior.


    He is all about him.


    LUV it too. stupid little bastard needs to put on some high heels. he really grosses me out. cannot stand him. creep.

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