Anthony Bourdain on Paula Deen: What a Con Artist!

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Safe to say Anthony Bourdain is unmoved by Paula Deen's diabetes diagnosis.

Bourdain, who once called the butter-loving chef the butter-loving chef the most dangerous person in America, mocked her on Twitter for poisoning the public with her unhealthy food, then turning around and trying to profit off of it.

In a hilarious, obvious Twitter attack on Deen, Bourdain wrote, "Thinking of getting into the leg-breaking business, so I can profitably sell crutches later."

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Bourdain is upset that the high-fat, high-sugar recipe queen announced she has diabetes and subsequently became a paid spokeswoman for a diabetes medication.

There are reports that Deen knew for years about her diabetic condition and can't even eat her own dishes, but continued to hock her recipes on the Food Network.

All while negotiating a deal to endorse a diabetes-fighting drug. Obviously, Bourdain sees a serious conflict of interest in Deen's behavior and isn't mincing words.

Given that he calls her "dangerous" and "proud of the fact that her food is f**king bad for you," it's no surprise he's calling her out, and we don't expect it'll stop.


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paula shows people how to cook southern food wich is all super sweet or deep fried if you dont want to try her recipes you dont have to they say anthony is a chef but i have never seen him cook a damn thing on his show he is a pompus bastard who drinks like a fish on his show he is probabl making money off of the alcohol companies


Tony can be an a++ but he just says what he believes. I liked Paula in the beginning but she seems your typical greedy person who made it big. Does no one have a comment about the money she makes off Smithfield? We all know what kind of company they are. Now, she's making money from diabetes. I've never noticed Tony trying to make money from alcohol companies, tobacco companies or anything else. I think when he mentioned Lipitor it was just a comment not a plug. I'm sorry Paula let the money go to her head it's really a shame.


I was a huge Paula Deen fan and continued to be after i heard about her diabetes but i have to say i am so very disappointed in the fact that she is making money off a diabetic drug and website. That is so wrong on so many levels i can't even wrap my brain around it. I have a rare brain disorder that requires me to have shunts in my brain and in my spine that drain extra spinal fluid into my stomach and it just sickens me to no end that somebody would make a buck off of their illness. Paula use to be somebody who would make me smile and feel good on those days my body just won't do what i need it to but now all i feel is disappointment and disgust when i see her.


Bourdain is not the picture of health in what he eats, but he doesn't promote recipes that CAUSE high cholesterol, and then seek out a deal to make money off of statins (cholesterol-lowering drugs). Paula's absurd recipes are as syrupy sweet and fattening as her ridiculously enhanced southern accent. She says nothing at all about how dangerous they are - ever, and then hides her own diabetes for years until she can profit off of it. Now, Y'AWL who love her can go buy her medication and continue to line her fatass pockets.


TEAMANTHONY-So you think that he has a better show, but WHO makes more money? I have no doubt that Paula Deen makes more money, and I am certain that is what has Bourdain in such a fury...jealousy!


DEBBZ, why should they be sued because you have an unhealthy lifestyle? Nobody forced that forkful of fatty foods in your mouth. I seriously doubt that Deen had ANYTHING to do with your health issues. Why are you angry at her? Her show is about Southern cooking, and just as Julia Child's show was about French cooking, they both are high in fats.


He is such a hypocrite. On one of his recent "Layover" shows, he was ,(once again), sitting there indulging himself on high fat pork and other meats, and made the comment that he was going to have to "double up on his Lipitor tomorrow". Apparently he has high cholesterol. He also made statements that inferred he was having bloody stools. I wonder if he has ever had his liver checked or been checked for stomach cancer. The man drinks like a fish on every single show. How is that setting a good example? Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house, Tony. Are you jealous of her success? Are you bitter because so many people have slammed you becasue of your bad habits and now you think somebody else should be the target? People are responsible for what they do to themselves. Nobody else is. she never claimed her cooking was healthy.


Julia's right. You can blame Bourdain for eating unhealthily just as much as you can Paula, only the stuff they eat is different. I think this is more of a clash of personalities and styles. Neither one is really an advocate for healthy living.


Bourdain quit smoking when he had his child years ago. Paula Deen smokes TWO packs a day as per her own admission on the Dr. Oz show. This was a very recent show so she already knew she had diabetes when she admitted to being addicted to cigarettes, so let's lay off Bourdain for smoking when he already quit. On the other hand, I've see Bourdain eat just as much animal fat on his shows.


This is irrevelant to the Anthony Bourdain/Paul Deen issue but let me take this opportunity to let people know that only type 2 diabetes is primarily caused by poor eating habits and weight. Type 1 (or the real diabetes as I call it) is an auto-immune disease and not at all related to lifestyle. I beg people to not lump the two types together. Type 1 diabetics are ALWAYS insulin dependent. It can be controlled.but not "reversed". As far as Bordain's comments about Paula go, well I can't wait until he gets his Lung cancer diagnosis or gets liver disease.

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