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Amazing Spider-Man 2 is picking up steam with an EW cover featuring Spidey and Jamie Foxx as Electro, and now star Andrew Garfield is asking everyone who’ll listen, “Why can’t he be gay?”

If you’re going by the books, well, MJ is a woman. However, there’s nothing saying they have to stick to the books.

There’s been plenty of instances in superhero movies that the storylines don’t even come close to what is/was found in the comics. So that’s not really a valid argument.

Garfield goes a little bit further by saying he would like the male version of Mary Jane to be played by Michael B. Jordan. 


That’s where I have to throw a flag.

As an avid comic book fan and most especially a DC Comics fan, I’d like to say on behalf of a good number of DC Comics fans, we have Michael B. Jordan already mentally cast in the Justice League movie as Cyborg so please back off.

Find yourself a new man Andrew Garfield, this one’s taken.

Outside of that, I really can’t find a reason to disagree with Garfield. It would make for an interesting turn in the films, that is for sure.

So what say you, THGers: Can Spider-Man be gay?