Miley Cyrus Pretty Much Admits: I Love Marijuana!

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Miley Cyrus is featured in the latest issue of Billboard, telling the magazine she's putting music before all else these days and is not the white Nicki Minaj.


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    If weed doesn't hurt people, why is it illegal in most countries? Stupid woman


    Who the holy fuck cares?


    Very sad that another celebrity can't live without marijuana. Such a waste. She may have issues because she wants to leave behind that child-star image, but this isn't the way to go. Act your age, Miley, and have some responsibility and accountability, or you may end up in a mug shot.

    @ ems

    There is nothing ring with weed shitburd, it's not a drug - I love how peo

    @ Kuntdashian

    If it's not a drug than there is no reason to smoke it. Or are you saying you do it because you like the taste? It is a drug, moron. And there is a lot wrong with it. Americans are fat and lazy enough without sitting around smoking weed all day, all lazy and giggling high off their asses. Smoking pot makes it so you never learn how to have true enjoyment that you get when not using any drugs or alcohol, all you ever know how to do to have happiness is more pot. That's not a good thing at all. Of course you doped up pot heads are going to disagree. So prove us wrong and don't smoke it. You're doing it for the drug high, nothing else.


    I miss the old Miley. :(

    @ Random

    Who drink alcohol and have a problem with something as natural weed, what a joke

    @ Kuntdashian

    Trying to use the "natural" excuse? Poppy pods are natural and filled with super addictive narcotics that destroy lives... The strongest poisons in the world are natural too.


    Why would we be surprised? Why is she wrong?


    Why do I get the feeling she's gonna be the next train-wreck celebrity.


    Is anyone really surprised by this? With how she's been acting since she got "famous", with dressing like a slut and all her risqué behavior over the years, she clearly uses it. It's sad to watch her think that she is a badass and the best, when she'd likely get her ass handed to her if she even got into an argument with someone.

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