Happy 36th Birthday, Kanye West!

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Kanye West turns 36 years old today and it's rather clear what the rapper needs as a gift:

Some serious shut-eye.

Over the next month or so, the rapper will release a new album (on June 18) and will welcome a baby into the world alongside Kim Kardashian.

Kimye Abroad

Okay, granted. According to certain reports, Kanye won't exactly be along Kim's side for the birth of his little girl. But still.

When will the man sleep? Aside from when his dreadfully boring baby mama talks?

Send your best birthday wishes to Kanye now, along with recommendations on the best ways to catch some Zzzzs. He's gonna need em!

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Happy Birthday! !!


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Yup, may your child be as self centered,arrogant and self-absorbed like the two of you are.


I just wish these two would smile. They have a little blessing on the way, and all the reason to celebrate. Yet they seem so unhappy. Maybe the paparazzi are just getting pictures of the angry looks, but they seem so sad. I just hope their relationship I happy and they spoil that little girl with hugs and kisses and teach her about God.


mr. anal?
well.......................HE CAN'T MISS THAT BUTT!!


Maybe he'll smile, just a couple of seconds, for his birthday.


I agree Will, this is ridiculous the insults she receives, then in the same breath to request acknowledgement of her guy. Kim congratulations and please know some of us agree that you can do and be
whatever and whoever you want! Your free & wealthy, enjoy!


Happy Bithday Mr. West enjoy and celebrate you! Blessings & best wishes to your baby girl, parenting is one of life's greatest experiences. :)


This article features a rude insult."dreadfully boring baby mama". The writer would be.offended if someone referred to his mother in that way. First of all ,you dont "know" kim kardashion. So your statement has no credibility,except to villify someone that Kanye loves.


Happy for the two new Arrival and happy birthday to my mom grandmother and kayne West.