Kim Kardashian to Deliver Baby All Alone?!?

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On Sunday's premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian learned that she was having a girl.

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    Kim Kardashian to Deliver Baby All Alone?!?
    Guys, dont work your right hands out))


    good luck kim???a baby hurts when it comes


    With a family numbered near the size of the population of Rhode Island, she won't be alone in the delivery room, even if the baby daddy don't show up.


    I think everyone needs to let Kim be I know how it feels I went though the same thing it sucks it doesn't matter if she's famous she's still a person with feeling no one Is perfect so think about the things u have done before u start saying stuff..I'm happy for u Kim don't worry about anything and good luck I'm due July 1st with my 3rd your gonna love being a mom:)


    I don't think that Kim has really come to GRIPS with the fact that she is going to be a MOTHER.. Maybe it will change and she will do a 360 degree change,turnaround, after she goes through the DELIVERY and sees her little INNOCENT baby, and touches her, and just holds her... Listens to that first CRY.. Otherwise, I like everyone else, will feel SORRY for that little girl. Having a MOMAGER around like Kris Jenner, is a rough ordeal by i tself, let alone being in the KARDASHIAN household. As for Kanye West, if his ABSENCE is there, all of the TIME, what does that tell you? Kim doesn't need a husband like that no matter how much money she has. Maybe her type of LOVE is just INFATUATION...

    @ Geronimo

    I agree with you. She seems to be coming round to the idea, but she's not there yet. Wait until she has to baby-proof that $18 mil mansion she and K just bought. ROFLOL LOL LOL


    That baby gonna be the cutest!


    If Kim wants Kanye there then she needs it to be a private moment between the two of them and the medical staff....not the Kardashian Cirus Delivery room. She will never get a backbone and stand up to her Mom......I cant stand either one of them...but its Kims own damn fault Kanye wont be there!.....stand up to your momager you whimpy skank!

    @ DumbAssKim

    It's Kanye who's going to have to lay down the ground rules for Kris. Kim won't ever do it.

    @ Frogmore

    Then when Kanye does, we'll see who Kim will choose - Kanye or her mom. I'm betting on mama.


    Kanye just seems to act like an observer of the entire pregnancy. Guess time will tell. At least Kim has a loving family and I am sure a photographer on hand for the big event.


    The Kardashians feed these stories to In Touch Mag and others. Media Manipulation. There is some truth that Kanye has in fact checked out of this relationship! Did you see him hiding under a hoodie at her baby shower? Showing up at the very end. This is a mess!


    To be honest I think that InTouch uses Kim's name or Kanye to sell their magazines anyone ever realize that most of their front covers has Kim on it that's why I don't any of InTouch weekly because they lie more than Kim

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