Farrah Abraham on Kim Kardashian: I Outshine Her (and I'm Smarter Too)!

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Farrah Abraham doesn't take well to Kim Kardashian comparisons. Mostly because she considers herself smarter, brighter and superior in every way.

Farrah Freaks Out
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The Back Door Teen Mom said in an interview that she hates being likened to Kim because she “outshines” her in all aspects of life and is more intelligent.

“I definitely feel it’s an unfair comparison,” Farrah said. “I have been very successful with other things in my life besides just being a reality TV star.”

Yes, that's a real quote to New Jersey’s Metropolis Nights magazine.

In Farrah Abraham's mind, she totes “outshines” Kim Kardashian in every facet of life, not the least of which being their respective, personal relationships.

“I have books and other things that outshine Kim Kardashian,” she says. “I feel I just outshine her when it comes to both our personal and professional lives."

"That’s why I don’t like being compared to her,” Abraham adds.

“We’re two really different people. I don’t for see myself getting married more than once. I don’t see myself making the same choices that she has made."

"Good or bad, I just feel I’m going to be a smarter person.”

OUCH! Served, Kim! You've got nothing on this girl!!

At least Kim can take solace in the fact that Farrah is equally unimpressed by James Deen - as a person as well as a sexual performance artiste.

“When it comes to sexual performance I definitely need more than that,” she says of her co-star. “He isn’t as good as it may seem in the video.”

She also previously claimed he has a small unit, which is, well, a bit hard to believe for a man in his line of work ... Farrah is also a pathological liar.

As for her own performance, despite her egomania and elaborate plot to make bank as a porn star, Farrah says she's so much more than a porn star!

“I am not all about sex!” she says. “That is what people really think because that’s all people want to talk to me about. I’m more focused on life than my crotch.”

Or drinking the stagnant douche agua, as someone might put it.

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I wonder how many copies of Kim Kardashian Sex Tape were spread?!
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Farrah Abraham on Kim Kardashian: I Outshine Her (and I'm Smarter Too)!
Guys, dont work your right hands out))


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first of all, its a dumb comparison.Not exactly shooting for the stars to compare yourself to a Kardashian.
Secondly, shes hardly any kind of role model or success story, just an example of how perverse the reality tv phenomenon is. Shes famous, as a freakshow, not because of anything great about her.


They are both dumb twats who need to eat dick and shut the fuck up




She's just mad cause she's not got the status of kim right now. She thought that by trying to do what she did with the sex tape would maker her millions blah blah blah at least kim had the dignity to say it was not supposed to be public and she had no parental responsibilities. Hate on little slut that's all that you will ever be


Not everyone knows the name Farrah Abraham..yet we all know who Kim Kardashian is..you might be smarter and brighter..the Kardashians have amassed a fortune, I sincerely doubt that Ms. Abraham will be able to do this. But Kim has grossed anyone with a brain cell out/her blood facials, talk of eating placenta..what's next cannibalism. She's one weird woman, that Kim Kardashian!!


I am sure on Planet Farrah everything she believes is absolutely true; the problem will be that she has to eventually live on Planet Earth, and gravity will strike eventually.


And Farrah takes it in the dumper AGAIN!


It's really saying a LOT when even Charlie Sheen turns you down! #ouch

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