Child Cries Over Missed Iron Man Meet-Up, Comforted by Robert Downey Jr.

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This is both adorable and heart-breaking.

Earlier this week, 18-month-old Jaxson Denno was taken to Western Massachusetts to meet Iron Man because Robert Downey Jr. was filming a movie in the towns of Sunderland and Shelburne Falls.

The only hiccup? Downey did not bring his superhero suit with him, much to the major chagrin of the crying child.

And Jaxson's mother, Heather, captured the disappointing moment on camera:

Robert Downey Jr. and Crying Kid

"He was fine as soon as [Downey] talked to him," Heather Denno told People, explaining that her son "was so confused because I kept telling him it was Iron Man and he knew it wasn't. Well, not Iron Man in the suit."

Look at it this way, Jaxson: you got to at least meet Tony Stark! But we know: it's just not the same.

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