Charlie Sheen to Selma Blair: You're (Hopefully) Fired!

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So much for managing his anger.

Sources tell TMZ that Charlie Sheen has blown such a significant gasket at Anger Management co-star Selma Blair that he's essentially fired the actress from his atrocious series.

Selma Blair on Anger Management

Yes, following his hilarious rant against Farrah Abraham, the actor has now gone off in a far more serious manner against Blair.

He's reportedly peeved that she complained to producers about Sheen's chronic lateness and poor work ethic.

Once he found out, Sheen told executives that he wants Blair gone, threatening to stop working today if she shows up on set.

Blair plays Kate Wales on the sitcom, Charlie's occasional lover.

Moreover, network insiders claim Sheen wants Mila Kunis to come on board the show for 10 episodes at $1 million each.

Sheen has asked for support from FX, but those in charge are hoping this storm passes quickly. Following a well-rated run of initial Anger Management episodes, after all, the network went ahead and ordered 90 more.

One might say this is what you get for making such a commitment to Charlie Sheen.


don't know Selma blair either. don't really care either. sorry.


What's so great about Selma Blair? I'd never heard of her until this show came along. Anyways, who knows what was said, really. Sheen could have flipped out but who knows what she said. Sometimes, there are people who do nothing BUT BITCH! Maybe selma's one of them.


Sheen has all the integrity of a deranged adolescent. Selma Blair doesn't need to lower herself to this level.


Selma Blair is too great of an actress to be working with an idiot like Sheen. I wish she'd leave and find work on another project deserving of her talents.


Too funny starring Charlie in a show called Anger Management. This is what Amanda Bynes will look like in few years. The show(s) must go on!


... crickets ...

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