Maika Monroe: Dating Taylor Lautner!

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Taylor Lautner appears to have a new girlfriend.

The actor was spotted at a Los Angeles Dodgers game this week with Malika Monroe, holding the hand of the actress best known for starring opposite Zac Efron in At Any Price.

She was even romantically linked to that young star as well just a few months ago.

Taylor Lautner at Baseball Game

Monroe, 19, worked as a professional freestyle kiteboarder prior to her acting career taking off and is currently starring in The Bling Ring as "Beach Girl."

Among others, meanwhile, Lautner has previously dated Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez and Lily Collins.


Up twilight,up Tay.4rm u baby sis


Go Tay.i luv u.ur little sis


They not dating at all it"s all rumors and taylor lautner is single ladies we can all rejocey now yay


I dont't think what maika disgust oh sorry maila oh sorry maika monroe be nice


i love taylor lautner. i think they look cute together


Looks like Sara Hicks to me. Think the movie studios are using all those young actors to help promote interest in newer "stars" so they can make more money on them. I think that Taylor and Sara have always been a couple - he just has to look like he is dating stars like Taylor S. (to promote Valentine's Day), Selena (Twilight movies-she was in Canada making a movie, too) and Lily (Abduction).




Is that Sara Hicks sitting behind Taylor?


I am keeping my fingers crossed for Taylor. The two of look very good together!

@ Maya

LOL! I would not doubt that!


huh [sigh] please,,, you actually think taylor is getting in with a blondie that s never gonna happen ages hahahahahah

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