Ann Curry to Pen Tell-All?

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She may have been unceremoniously fired by Today, but Ann Curry has officially reached levels of fame typically reserved for Kim Kardashian and any Teen Mom cast member:

She's featured on the latest cover of In Touch!

Ann Curry Tabloid Cover

The tabloid takes full advantage of the mess at Today and the controversy over Matt Lauer and claims that Curry is being "courted by top publishers to pen a tell-all."

"The publishing industry is just dying to get their hands on Ann’s side of the story, and the figures being batted around are enormous,” says an insider.

Curry has been an employee of The Peacock for 15 years, meaning she may have serious dirt on everyone at that struggling network, most notable Lauer, who was allegedly instrumental in her ousting.

"She’s been at NBC forever,” says a a source. “She knows everything. Matt should be nervous.”


HELL YEAH!!!!! Ann Curry has EVERY RIGHT (and beyond) to pen that tell-all!!!!! Over the years, B-O-T-H The Today Show and NBC have done nothing but S-H-I-T all over people!!!!! And, as for The Today Show/NBC's so-called golden-boy Matt Lauer, old Matty-boy himself should be B-O-T-H terrified and humiliated. Oh, fucking well!!!!! Trust me...NBC has WAY TOO MANY skeletons rattling around in their insufferable corporate closets. And A-L-L of those skeletons need to jump on out...LOL!!!!! And, Ann Curry is the perfect person to unleash all of those NBC skeletons...every last one of 'em. One last thing: BOTH The Today Show and (especially) NBC need to bear the following 2 words in mind: KARMA KARMA!!!!! TEAM ANN CURRY!!!!!


people made up alot of things when money is involved.
............SHOULDN'T YOU?


Congratulations Ann Curry! Go for it! You have every right to do so! Everyone else opened their mouths and gave their "opinions & half-truths!" You're a respectable individual w/nothing to hide; no matter what others may think or say! None at Today stood by you or spoke on your behalf; but who needs them! You have the millions of viewers who support you! And Truth always prevails. Good luck & Soar with your Angels!

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