Kim Kardashian: Eating! Profiting from Pregnancy! Endangering Fetus!

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The latest issue of Star travels down the same path as pretty much every other tabloid over the past month:

Kim Kardashian is fat! Kim Kardashian can't stop eating! Kim Kardashian has gained 65 pounds already!

But this magazine throws in a twist to the mean-spirited story: Kim is getting paid to chow down on junk food and putting her baby at risk as a result.

Kim Kardashian Star Cover

"Once she realized that she could profit off her body looking like this, all bets were off," says a supposed insider, adding that Kardashian only eats "junk."

It's unclear, of course, just how Kim profits off this body, at least any differently that she always has:

By Facebooking company names, standing on red carpet and shilling for any product that makes her an offer.

Forget pregnancy-based fat rolls. This is how Kim Kardashian always rolls.


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Kim Kardashian: Eating! Profiting from Pregnancy! Endangering Fetus!
Seems homemade to me
Have fun


Poor baby spawned by these two specimens. Instead of watching Sesame Street it can be entertained by Mommy Dearest's home movies.

Ms billie

I'm so sick of all these bullshit articles about how much weight Kim has gained, like she’s the only woman to ever gain a lot of weight. Big deal a friend of mine gained 85 lbs. by that time. Some women gain a lot remember how much Jessica Simpson gained then lost most of it before getting pregnant again. Many women crave junk food after getting pregnant mostly because they have deprived themselves in the past trying to keep their figure. Being pregnant is most women’s excuse for eating too much and/or the wrong kinds of food. All that matters in any case is she and the baby are healthy……… As for Kim gaining weight to profit I think that’s a bunch of bullshit simply because she has always been concerned about her figure and how she looks. I think Kim is a beautiful woman and will make a great mom. She has my best wishes!

@ Ms Billie

Thank you I felt da same way people need to also realize dat they dntt look any better than wat she's my older sister one and nobody is perfect she's so amazing and glamorous!!




so nice ///6/4/20013


I wish kim kardashian much success blessings and happiness with my boy Kanye! keep gettin all and as much guap$$$ you can get with your beautiful ass!


This kind of talk about a pregrant mother is crazy, we see her on television she look like any mom we gain weight we eat pregrancy is a beautiful thing. ...When will the media forget who slept with who and how many, it's not the #it the color u peoples are sick...Kim has a good heart she not blast anyone so please stop with this craziness and let her enjoy her pregrancy we deserve that as moms...


she is pregnant!!! WTH?? women shouldnt have to worry about their weight being exploited.


I've had 2 children. Most I gained was 43lbs. Perfect weight gain for my height and size said the doc. The baby does not want Cheetos or ice cream, the mom does. The baby needs stuff like veggies, lean meat, and all that does not make for a huge weight gain. It's her, not being preggo, that is making her fat


This has to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. It is unclear how she is profiting from being fat... because she isn't. She has always been kind teetering on the edge of chunky. And she is short.

@ bob

umm she gets fat ass hell has her baby and then looses weight mayb with lypo or sum and sells some bullshit ass this made my bbyfat go away thats how. she dont look ugly fat shes a money hungry hoe so a lil pounds wont hurt cuz she knows she has the money to take care of that

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