Kim Kardashian: Dumped for Being Fat!!!

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A new report confirms what we've suspected all along: Kim Kardashian cannot get enough balls.

Fried rice balls, that is, as the latest In Touch Weekly claims the pregnant reality star has been dumped by Kanye West because she cannot... stop... eating.

Kim Kardashian Dumped?!?

On March 17, a patron at South City Kitchen in Atlanta says Kim chowed down greasy chicken and waffles, along with smashed bliss potatoes, collard greens and mac and cheese.

“She hasn’t just gained 20 pounds like she claims,” a friend tells the tabloid. “She’d already gained 45 to 50 when she still had four months to go!"

Kim's weight has been the subject of the paparazzi for weeks, causing Helena Christensen to recently come out in defense of Kardashian.

If only Kanye felt the same way, though, as the magazine claims he has "deserted" his baby mama when she needs him most, spending most of this time these days in Paris.

Kardashian, however, has denied this assertion, saying in a recent interview that West loves her growing body.

Hmmm... who should we believe her? Anonymous tabloid sources or someone who claims to be our friend on Facebook only so she can be paid to post about various brands and companies? No, really.

It's not an easy decision.

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I still like her face


I am sure she gets a high cum protien shake on her knees from kanye to feed that giant tumor


Mooooo...what a fat fu@k.....hahaha....!!!!..


she's doing it for the money!! not for her or the baby the money!!! that is sooooo wrong!


if u are not going to do what is best for the baby, i hope u stay fat and ugly!!!!

@ capig

what else where you thinking about we are talking about kim kardashian remember the stupid no talent whore


she should keep eating...bulk up, get fatter, and hit the gym. after she drops the kid, she could help the linebackers or secondary on my football team - they could use the help - lol


Yes, she's gaining weight. Even so, what a pig!


What a pig!


i think its disgusting that they are bashing her this way...SHE IS PREGNANT!! ...what are they trying to promote? that every pregnant woman should be anorexic?, cause it seems like now in days its all about image instead of health, its HER BODY so she can do whatever the hell she wants with it, stupid ass paps should worry bout themselves and get a better job....

@ liz

Sorry last time I checked gaining more than 35 pounds during pregnancy is UNHEALTHY FOR THE BABY. She's just fucking fat, promoting fatness because he's pregnant. Giving the message to other pregnant women that you can eat anything you want, and get super fat while pregnant is okay. It's not okay. Get a brain please and don't breed. Anyone who defends Shamu should be sterilized. Her and her family make America look more retarded than Jersey Shore.


The tabloids will say anything to get readers to read their trash. Why can't they leave people along or at least write good things.. Kim and Kanye are still happy together