Kim Kardashian: Melting Down Over Weight Gain!

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Paging all chefs, Kim Kardashian is in need of some healthy recipes!

No, the reality star isn't eating badly, but she is putting on A LOT of weight - and sources tell Star that the enormous pound package is irking the amateur sex tape actress.

Big time.

Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Body

“She’s looking at old pictures of herself on her computer and her phone for literally hours at a time, pining for her pre-pregnancy body," an insider supposedly tells the tabloid. "She is seriously melting down."

With stress already causing a miscarriage scare for Kim, the magazine goes on to say Kardashian is a general mess about her outward appearance.

“Kim is desperate to stop gaining so much weight, but she can’t seem to get it under control,” says this mole. “She cries every other day, and she’s scared to see how big she’ll get.”

Among other article allegations:

  • Kardashian has already gained 65 pounds.
  • She sleeps in Spanx.
  • She pours "hundreds of dollars worth of” stretch mark cream over her body each day.
  • She fears Kanye West will cheat on her.

Concludes the feature: Kim "thinks her butt looks like a big hunk of cheese."

Okay. So at least one aspect of this story is true.


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Kim Kardashian: Melting Down Over Weight Gain!
Seems homemade to me
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Mike dante

She looks like a big fat pig a real cow, hope she hits 300lbs. That won't stop her from getting black men though, they like big fat sloppy white pics anyway.


The media is disgustingly critical of every woman who gains weight NORMALLY and what's even more disgusting are the people who sit behind veiled blogs and trash a woman for gaining weight while she is pregnant. I'm thoroughly disgusted to be a part of your kind.


She looks huge and has like, four or so months left. I would be more concerned about blood pressure or other serious side effects of too much weight gain during pregnancy, than impacts to the baby. Of course, if she doesn't take care of herself, it will harm the baby. I gained far too much weight by 9 months, 63 pounds. It looks like she might have already gained that much, and in any pregnancy, the weight goes on faster at the end. She should work with a doctor to control her diet for her own health and that of her child.


She looks like a moose. Wonder if she will be so eager and responsive to having a lot of kids as she claimed. First of all, she shouldn't have done what J.Simpson did and that was use the pregnancy as an excuse to eat all she wants and anything she wants. Well, gotta get it off, Miss Vanity. You'd never be able to do anything fat. Course you could go in and have the boobs scraped down, the big fat
ass of her's scraped down and she might reach the
loss she wants. No boobs though, no J.Lo butt/her's
is better looking anyway.


I have always liked Kim but lately she is getting too trashy with her "black man" like she has him on display flaunting him around in her ex husbands face. No wonder he left her she is a tramp with money.


That black and white dress in that big fat body cracks me up. She looks liked Orca in that dress. I'm sure her house is nothing but mirrors, so how could she not see how horrible that dress looks on her?Save it for the killer whales, Kim.


Kim should be concerned with the health of the baby first and foremost, not how much weight she is gaining. Stupid bitch. Of course Kanye will cheat on her. Kanye needs to find and marry a smart, beautiful black woman and dump the white trash. One day soon I would hope the world would tire of this shallow, vapid, no talent slut and stop filling her bank accounts with undeserved cash. Actually, she and her entire family. I have to hand it to Kris though, she is a genius for being able to take these talentless skanks and earn them millions for . . . . what is it that they do anyway?


I can't believe you people even take these articles seriously. 65 pounds? I've seen pics of her recently, there's no way it's even close to that. 20 pounds, maybe, but 65? The claims against Kim are becoming even more a joke, and it's just getting worse. Besides, she's pregnant, do you think she didn't expect to gain a bit of weight? I think she did! No matter what the tabloids preach, she'll handle it look like a pro, she'll have a beautiful baby, and within 6 months, she'll be back to her body of old, absolutely beautiful. And I'll bet she'll make off well financially from it too.



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