Justin Bieber Haircut: Love It or Loathe It?

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New haircut. New Justin Bieber?

In the face of mounting legal and personal problems, the 19-year old singer has seemingly made an attempt to turn over a new leaf... by donning a new 'do!

The fresh locks - no longer spiked, half-shaven, sort of like Miley Cyrus - were on display over the weekend when Bieber posted for a photo with this fan:

Justin Bieber Haircut

We won't bother asking Drake Bell what he thinks because we all know that actor's opinion of Bieber.

But we will ask our loyal readers: What do you think of Justin Bieber's new hairstyle?

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i want the same hair cut


i like his new hair cut




how are you so sexy


Dreamy if you are a lesbian? Where was that option. He has a girl's hairdo....he dresses like a dork...his tiny wiener had a hard on when he went through Polish security without a shirt. No wonder he wears his pants so low, nothing to keep them up? He is showing off his pecker to the poor Polish dude who had to check him through security...and to his 8 year old fans....super creepy. He's turned into a real pervert.


Why all the hate. He seems like a good guy. Who cares if his fashion sense is a little eccentric. Its a free country and he's doing no harm.


He looks gay as hell.

@ Nikki



ewwwww... i <3 him bt that was WOW!!!!


i liked his past hairs but he went a bit too far with this one
whatever he's still hot af


i dont think it matches him, but then again it his hair.... but i think he is trying to hard to be different than before..

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