Drake Bell Slams Justin Bieber, Labels Fans "Insane"

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Drake Bell has gone ahead and done it this time.

The former Nickelodeon star has apparently let his role on Splash go to his head, as he took to Twitter over the weekend and positively laid into Justin Bieber.

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"Justin Bieber is 5'6" now I understand why you guys love him!!" Bell wrote on Saturday. "He's the same height as all you 12 year olds! I totally get it now sorry guys."

Bell went on to imply that Bieber wears lip gloss, said his character on Drake & Josh would "hate JB" and then went after the star's millions of Beliebers:

"@justinbieber you have the worst most insane fans in the world!!" he Tweeted, adding: "Just came up with a new game...Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber?!"

Drake also went after Bieber's song-writing skills last week, only to clarify that he does NOT "hate Justin Bieber." Rather: "His fans are the problem!!"

That ought to over well online.


oh we're the problem O.o the only problem here is you Drake Bell maybe if you wouldnt insult Justin we wouldnt hate you


Drake Bell, who is 26 and almost 27 years old, is criticizing 19-year old Justin Bieber. It is kind of sad that Drake is jealous of a kid who is 6 or 7 years younger than he is.


I don't like Justin Bieber that much because he is such a douchebag lately but SOME of his songs are actually good now. Drake Bell on the other hand, tried to be a musician, didn't make it, and his songs suck so fucking bad is painful. So he is one to talk.


How can drake say in the beginning he is as tall as a 12 year old and the he wears lip gloss and trash tlk him and in the end say the fans r the problem anf all u said bout us was that were insane


I'm sorry but if you don't like justin then leave him alone !

@ Mrs bieber l

That is true teen16 100 percent true


Glad someone is putting justin in his place along with all his teen fans. Justin is immature point balnk. He thinks cause he has money he can do what he wants to and get away with it. He's what 19.. Grow up little boy. Your songs suck and girls drull over you only cause of your looks. Be happy with the money you have made and save it cause you are no justin Timberlake honey!!! Your nothing but a trouble maker, a smart ass, and dissrespectful to your elders!! Grow up. Oh and I'm so glad to hear Selena didn't deal with your immature bull crap.. You would have only brought her down too!!


This is proving that Drake bell is just jealous and immature.


Who is Drake Bell and what is Splash? Is it an infomercial? Seriously, I have no idea.

@ Nobody

i watch the series on tv here in greece
i barely recognized the actor because he looks much older than in the series
i remember him being shorter than all of his co-stars even the female ones weird...


You whining about Justin is getting old and ridiculous. Ain't nobody got time to hear you complain. He's not 5' 6" for one. And you can't judge his 50 million fans and say every single one of them is insane. You used to be the heart throb, I get it. There is a nice keyword for you, USED. Honestly, just sit back. Justin is in and you are not. You need to get over it. You bashing him is childish and stupid of you. Please stop .(:

Tracy e 1

So......who is drake dell again? hmmm

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