Tabloid Klaim: Kim Kardashian Faking Pregnancy for Major Payday!

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In the new issue of In Touch Weekly, Michael Girgenti claims he slept with Kourtney Kardashian about nine months before her son was born and he therefore may be the father of Mason Dash Disick.

Incredibly, however, this is NOT the craziest Kardashian-related tabloid story of the day!

Kim Kardashian: Fake Pregnancy?!?

The National Enquirer screams on its latest cover that Kim Kardashian is faking her pregnancy because her "baby bump seems to change size and position… as she travels around the country."

Why would Kim possibly conduct such a hoax? Straight cash, of course.

Alleges the newspaper:

“A source close to Kim believes the star might have hatched a sensational scheme with her money-hungry momager Kris Jenner to fake her pregnancy while secretly having a surrogate mom carry a baby for her and her lover Kanye West."

Well... sure.

Asks the newspaper:

“How convenient is it that Kim got pregnant just as she was making a mad push to wrap up her ongoing divorce from Kris Humhpries?”

And also:

“It also would be an insane coincidence that Kim just so happened to get pregnant soon after she learned the girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush - Lilit Avagyan - is pregnant.”

Yes, folks, an INSANE COINCIDENCE, we totally agree! Don't you?

Do you think Kim Kardashian is faking her pregnancy?

Michael Girgenti

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Tabloid Klaim: Kim Kardashian Faking Pregnancy for Major Payday!
Now tell me it's not real!
Good luck!


You people journalist are really all becoming mad with the buzz obsession.
The fact that kim gain a lot is a distinctive feature of a pregnancy,and for a woman whose body is her career, i don't see why she would have gain weight
especcialy for hiding a surrogate mom and faking a
pregnancy. That's pretty obvious that she has difficulties to embrace her new curves and to take a break on her "modelling" career because of her pregnant body. It won't worth it if it was just to cover a surrogacy. That's stupid.
Actually i think that she is trying to get a new start
with kanye and their baby and wants a happy future with her family.So leave her quiet. Pregnancy is hard for the moral and confidence, particularly with the type of body she has, which is very hard to control as soon as you have to eat for two.And the media constantly arguing and making cover and money about her "big ass" and her difficulty to find flattering looks is just desperatly mean.
Respect her fragility, respect the mom and her body.Even if you don't like her.


Why would they fake pregnancy.. kourtney gave birth on TV. Kim should show the world that she's really pregnant that means no photoshop be pregnant n becoming a mom is wonderful WHY fake it


21st century hicks wouldn't believe any mommy dearest stuff of any phoney 21st celebrity, with kardashian being the new mommy dearest?


How could this be real? They misspelled a couple of words. If it was serious it would have more proof! Plus, no way you can fake a pregnancy. There's a difference between "fat" and "pregnant" as a mother I know!


I remember according to their scripted show kourtney was even making out with women right before she got pregnant with Mason. Anything is possible but I forgot we can't say anything cuz it might break up her family


That just tells me that National Enquirer cannot tell the difference between pregnant and overweight women.


First it was beyonce, now its Kim K, These tabloids will milk anything just to make some cash, some unethical bunch of morons if you ask me. Who is next? Kate Middleton? do they even realize how ridiculous they sound?


if shes going to gain weight regardless, why would she fake a pregnancy? shes messing up her body either way. i doubt this is real.


just as sickening as kourtney ? scott dickdick

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