Michael Girgenti: I Boned Kourtney Kardashian! May Be Mason's Father!

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A model named Michael Girgenti has come out and dropped a Bombshell on Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick and the entire Kardashian family:

He had unprotected sex with Kourtney about nine months before Mason Dash was born - and he may be the the child's real father!

Kardashian Bombshell Cover

Girgenti claims he met Kourtney in April 2008 at a photo shoot for 944 magazine.

They then got together almost a year later at his Glendale apartment and…

“We started kissing, making out and touching each other,” Girgenti tells the tabloid. “My shirt was off. We were fooling around on the couch a little while before I took her to the bedroom.”

And from there?!?

I "slipped [Kourtney's] clothes off,” the 26-year old says, after which “she helped me undress and we fell into bed.”

Girgenti says the sex lasted for over 20 minutes and was "great." Nine months later, on Dec. 14, 2009, Kourtney gave birth to Mason.

"I saw photos of him and began to wonder,” Girgenti tells In Touch. “I tried to reach out to Kourtney via email but she didn’t respond... If Mason’s my child, I want to be there for him. He deserves to know who his real father is.”

Especially is the alternative is a douche like Scott Disick. Are we right?!?


Mason nids to kw d truth wt if the michael bond his (mason)mum whn mason was oedy in exsistance?wt happens to him/


maddie you are delusional. Mason looks nothing like Scott unless you are a crazy KK fan you could see the child is not Scott's the timing is off too. He looks just like a Michael and Kourtney combo but it could be anyone's she was sleeping with just not Scott. The child has a permatan he does not need to intensely tan to get dark like Scott does. Penelope looks nothing like mason she is pale looks like Scott
even his squint. not the father LOL.. what does she have to hide?


as if you cant see mason looks exactly like scott! its pathetic to those people who think not

@ Maddie

um no actually, this Michael dude has a dick for a nose, Mason has a cute nose not like that as well as very different ears and face shapes. He is Scotts.


Iam so surprised that most people think Scott is Mason's father, because I think he looks just like the other guy, I have never found Mason to look anything remotely like Scott, please show me where Mason looks like Scott, i cannot find it!


sorry everyone, BUT i think he looks more like Michael than anything, he has same eyes, chin, jaw, i never did think he looked like scott. Now Penny looks exactly like Scott hands down, but i have always wondered why Mas did not look anything like Scott, i betcha that this guy is the bio dad!!!! wait and see..either they will pay him off or give him what he wants, but i think everyone is going to be shocked, take another look folks, who does Mas look like? if your honest, your answer will be the same as mine! and iam usually not wrong.

@ fairy

nose looks like scotts not a gonzo shnoz like Michael....umm show me in what way he looks like that d-bag? If that was his dad he would look mediterranean and not super white


Whether hes the father or not, I just downloaded a bunch of Codename Ghost stuff... shits ill. Def be keeping an eye out for the next show


We will see if Kourtney is running to give Mason andScot a DNA test like she was running khloe business with her dad. Kourtney seems to be very good at running everybody else business but her business is a secret. Ha not this


scotts ears scotts nose scotts mouth and definitely scotts hair the other guys the douch i like the lord!


I seriously want to see the result of this. People claim Mason looks like Scott. But I don't see it at all. He's mostly Kardashian. But around the eyes, he does look like some what like Michael Girgenti.


If he's any kind of guy........(maybe we should keep him away from the GREEDYnon-caring Kardashians) he's better then Scott as a father (not husband) FATHER. I'd do a DNA. That would open or close a can of worms. Not just any guy--but someone who truly may fit . Let's see where it goes---remember LARRY BIRCKHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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