Justin Bieber Accused of Battery, Involved in "Intense" Altercation

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Justin Bieber returned last night for a brief rest from the international leg of his Believe tour. But it was anything but a happy homecoming.

Sources confirm to TMZ that the singer has been accused of battery by his neighbor in Calabasas, California.

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Authorities are investigating the incident, but Bieber was allegedly involved in an "intense argument" with this unidentified man around 9 a.m. today.

The altercation stemmed from the accuser walking on to Justin's property and complaining that guests there had been throwing loud parties while the artist was abroad.

L.A. County Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Whitmore says the neighbor told deputies that Bieber got physical with him, a charge other sources deny.

Those close to Bieber confirm he did get into it with the man, but only verbally, and that Justin eventually retreated to his house so security could lead the man away.

This allegation follows another strange incident in the Recently Turbulent and Confusing Times of Justin Bieber: he went through airport security in Poland yesterday without a shirt on.

And last month, of course, Bieber flipped the eff out on a cameraman in London.

Expect a Tweet or two from Bieber later today regarding the situation and expect THG to provide updates as news breaks.

UPDATE: Sources now say Bieber's reckless driving was to blame for this argument.


Is this Kristen Bell's husband (the guy from parenthood) ? He was on TV saying how loud the place is since he moved in. Could it be him or another neighbour. Can't be too many real close with the big homes.


The neighbor went onto Justin’s property. The neighbor was wrong to confront anyone that may be breaking the law. He should have called the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department instead. I am glad the Bieb's came back from Europe to greet his car. Their seems to be a lot of male celebrities following Justin's lead by getting rid of their female celebrity companions. May be it's better to buy a new car. Cars are less problematic. Please don't come into my property with your problems.


he needs to straighten out and come down from his pedastool. he isn't any better than anyone else and needs to start treating people with respect. biebs needs a good big slice of humble pie.


He needs to go home and rest and relax for a while. I don't know if he's doing drugs, but his behavior seems to be erratic and hostile. He is too young to have all this pressure on him. Take a break, Justin. Nothing is worth losing your health.


Give the guy a break, who wants to be greated by bad friegen news..as soon as you arrive home. Give the dude a day or 2 to chill!


I sense a change in Justin Bieber not only physically but also emotionally. I hope that he does not end the same path Chris Brown and Rihanna went or still are.


his neighbours are dying to meet the boy in person.
he won't duce himself.............SO THEY DO IT USING THIS METHOD!!


what a lil bitch, has all the money in da world n then assaults the poor, mentally raped by his music neigbour... seriously guys, isnt it ur worst nightmare, to be forced to listen to his shit 24.7 and then get punished physically by him? FML! thats sadism right there


He seriously needs prayer no joke and time to remember who he is, and just stay with his family, b/c everyone is doing everything to break him down, though he has been acting idiotic abit lately. <3 u Justin, stay strong.


Who cares! He will be forgotten soon anyways!

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