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Justin Bieber goes off on a British photographer in this video. Watch the singer totally lose his cool and curse up a storm now.

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i love him with all my heart and always will


Yup, that guy would've fked Justin gayber up.


Lil faggot.


tmz needs to f*** yourselves and stop stalking JB!


can you come to my house jusin bieber justin bieber can you call i love you justin bieber justin bieber hot boy can you call to sex justni bieber


Too bad someone didn't knock that photographer out.


Justin Bieber displays lack of social norms, unstable emotions, erratic behavior. It is the same old story.
It is so familiar, during the 1980's Sean Penn (Mr Madonna) abused and lashed out at press photographers in the same way, he knew that they were not in a position to defend themselves. It is an attempt to look mean and tough to the fans.
Scooter Braun is in the process of trying to rebrand Bieber from a child to an adult entertainer.
It is that obvious.


I am very sad about what I am seeing lately with JB. We all have bad days...I am sure his exhausting schedule played a huge part in his reaction to the pap. But it seems like a pattern is developing with several bad decisions being made lately. I get the need to wear trendy clothes, but the tighty whitey undies showing out of his pants, the possible drug use, the company he seems to be keeping, and his reaction to the pap--- is a bit much. I love listening to JB music with my daughter. She's a big fan and because I love all types of music too, it is something we really enjoy listening to together. She was sad when she was hearing the kids @ school talking about the F-bombs JB was flying at the pap in London (though the pap was TRYING to provoke that response with his own F-Bombs). So I decided to watch the video clip and was a little embarassed for JB that he lost his cool to a jerk who was actually trying to test his character. And the possible drug use...Screwing up your life with drugs shows a weakness and wanting to fit in. It does not show a strong person who is proud to stand for who he is or to be an individual. I really hope that is not happening, but the signs are sadly seeming to point there. The technology age we live in tha helped make him a star and a role model, will also bring his flaws and bad decisions to all of us. True or not, we can all hear-read-watch because the media or someone's camera will be there to catch it. That is just the way it is.


What he did was totally right. I love ya for doing that bieber.


I totally agree with Norma's comment below. This kid is out of hand. His mother needs to step in quickly because her son is going to get his butt kicked. Even though he has made a lot of money, she needs to get him to be humble again. This is not going to end well for him.

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