Justin Bieber Airport Sighting: Shirtless Again!

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Perhaps he didn't understand the security regulations.

Maybe he lost a bet.

Or it's possible Justin Bieber really has gone off the deep end a bit, as he was spotted going through Wladyslaw Reymont Airport in Poland yesterday without a shirt on.

See for yourself:

Justin Bieber Airport Pic

For the record, the temperature outside was 30 degrees Fahrenheit. So we doubt JB was hot in a literal sense.

This is the latest in a string of unusual incidents for the singer - and while most fans have no problem with Justin Bieber shirtless sightings, we need to echo Olivia Wilde for a moment and tell the guy to calm down.

Below, meanwhile, we've posted a montage of Justin Bieber shirtless photo:

Justin Bieber Shirtless
Justin Bieber Shirtless Pic
Justin Bieber Shirtless Photo
Justin Bieber Drunk?
Justin Bieber Topless
Topless Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Instagram Pic
Justin Bieber in the Hospital

That guy is going mental and we all have front row tickets.


can someone please pull up his trousers!!!! he looks like a complete and absolute moron between the no shirt and the trousers!!


he asks for it as an excuse to show his muscles.
..............muscles? haahahahahahaaahahahahahahahaha!!

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