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A man who interviewed disgraced football coach Jerry Sandusky in prison has given his second victim an ultimatum that arguably amounts to extortion:

Give me an exclusive interview, or I’ll reveal your identity.

John Ziegler, who interviewed Sandusky for a documentary he hopes will clear Joe Paterno’s name, said Monday that he planned to “out” victim #2.

Sandusky was convicted of raping the victim in a Penn State shower back in 2001, following testimony from former PSU assistant football coach Mike McQueary.


Paterno was subsequently fired from PSU for not reporting the incident to his superiors, making victim #2 particular significance to the shocking scandal.

Ziegler, however, insists Sandusky did NOT rape victim #2 and that McQueary’s testimony is BS. Ziegler says his identity is needed to clear Paterno’s name.

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When Ziegler heard the victim was upset about his interview with Matt Lauer and the accusations pertaining to Paterno and Sandusky, HE was upset.

Ziegler posted the ultimatum on his website today, demanding the victim call him personally to explain why he’s so mad, or Ziegler will open the floodgates.

Ziegler obviously has a lot to gain by an exclusive interview with #2, who’s now an adult, since Sandusky’s victim has never spoken to the media.

But it’s a pretty unethical way to handle this, no?