Kris Humphries to Choose Divorce Trial Over NBA Playoffs

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While trade rumors continue to circulate around Kris Humphries, this loser of a power forward is reportedly giving the Nets another reason to ship him out as soon as possible.

Kris in Plaid

The baller's divorce trial against Kim Kardashian is scheduled for May 6, smack dab in the middle of the NBA playoffs.

Will Kris therefore skip the legal proceedings, which could easily go on without him? Will he agree to settle before this mess goes in front of a judge?

No and no, according to TMZ sources.

Humphries has apparently already decided to skip any playoff games that fall on the same day as the trial because he is just THAT determined to embarrass his ex-wife.

The news comes on the heels of Humphries' attorney dropping Kris as a client and with anyone of sound body and mind knowing he has NO chance at successfully arguing that Kim duped him into a marriage.

Then again, with Humphries only averaging 6 points and 6 rebounds per game, the Nets may be thrilled to see him voluntarily sit a game or two out.

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I CAN'T WAIT to see what come out in this divorse. Mabye the rest of the world will see what this TRASHY family is all about. TEAM KRIS!!


Hahaha u thought u would start a case and then attend when u get ready. No Kris. This is the beginning of ur end. Ur team wont miss u they want to get rid of u. U still want to get Kim the judge is going to get u right in ur pocket. Hahaha


Aaah you poor afro american boy mad because you showed your nasty,junky behind on national TV and. Cannot get a white chick. Call tiger wood he have some left overs.


You people are delusional if you think Kris didn't know what he was getting into. He is pissed that it didn't last long enough to get a tv show. He should just let it go and move on.


He is obsessed of bringing Kim K down. He would probably throw his career and entire life away just to get back at her. What a lost soul.


You go Kris! Finally the media will have something interesting to report on KKadashian. I'm so sick of her butt and now her gut being the NEWS. I'm just going to love watching Kim lose some sleep and some dough for being such a heartless human being. What goes around comes around so he really should bring it!


Court judges set trial dates but both Kris and Kim have a legal right to ask for a continuance. Considering the circumstances I'm doubtful any judge would deny such a motion. My question is why hasn't Kris moved for continuance. Is this proceeding messing with his playing so much he isn't able to play well enough? Maybe the NBA had a say in this? Imagine the safety issues involved because of so many people hating Kris or hating Kim! The NBA might not want to risk some nut job who is in love with Kim trying something at a game and other people getting hurt or killed. In that case going to trial seems reasonable since they wouldn't want him there anyhow and he'd have nothing else better to do.


Why is everyone blaming Kris, don't you think Kim is a whore for still being married and getting pregnant by Kanye and now she wants the divorce over with. I say Kris drag it on as long as you can so that child can be a Bast==d. Kim only married Kris for the million dollar ring and the fairy tale wedding and then she treated him like crap. I say Kim Anul the wedding and move on if you don't want your unborn child born while married to someone who is not the father!

@ Barbara Goff

If Kris would have let Kim go one year and a half ago she would have been free of THIS DOUCHE BAG LOSER. Kim is entitled to go on with her life
Its not Kim fault no women wants him his team don't want him and his lawyer resigned. Kris is the biggest loser

@ Barbara Goff

If Kris would have let Kim go one year and a half ago she would have been free of THIS DOUCHE BAG LOSER. Kim is entitled to go on with her life
Its not Kim fault no women wants him his team don't want him and his lawyer resigned. Kris is the biggest loser


Don't forget Kim only married Kris for the 2,000,000
Dollor ring , the 18 ,000,000 they got to show the
Wedding on t.v. and all the wedding gifts. She kept
Everything for herself. She's a pig. I feel sorry for Kris
Becauce misled him completely. They gave him
Nothing and kept everything. There all nasty trash.
Thanks sharon coffman


Why I hate basketball.
The players have no heart and are lazy.
Hockey, football players will play with broken limbs, missing teeth etc. these lazy slobs couldn't care less as its all about the money.