Kris Humphries Trade: Headed to Charlotte?

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Kris Humphries may be dragging out his divorce from Kim Kardashian, but the Brooklyn Nets are reportedly on the verge of splitting from the rebounding power forward.

Kris Humphries in Brooklyn

ESPN's Chris Broussard reports that the Nets are on the verge of dealing Humphries to the Charlotte Bobcats, receiving shooting guard Ben Gordan in return as the principal player in the deal.

Kris lost his starting job many weeks ago in Brooklyn. He's only averaging 6 points and 6.4 rebounds per game.

With the Nets, at least, Humphries was part of a winning organization. But the Bobcats are 11-37 and own the worst record in the league - by a wide margin.

Kris Humphries playing for the biggest losers in professional basketball? Some might say this is appropriate.


Funny how we come down on kris Humphries for being a supposed media whore, when the family he stupidly married into is worse. I don't see him placing himself in situations that always have him in the media. I don't see him doing anything except playing ball. Kim's under stress? Who cares? She put her self in that situation. No one forced her to publicly divorce a man who loved her but was strong enough to stand up to her bullshit behaviour. I dont agree with his stance on the divorce but I think he's entitled to be a little bitter don't you think? Look at the facts here... Only person getting anything out of this is Kim. He was just the pawn. He's angry. And rightfully so... You people have very very short termed memories. It was she who embarrassed him by letting him find out that the marriage was over via the media... How low was that? This man I have respect for him. He's standing by what he believes in and to hell with what the world thinks. Kim gets support because she's rich and presents an image that th weak minded buy into readily. But when it comes down to doing what is right? She scampers to the nearest tabloid to do her dirty work for her.... Deep down he's a good person. You want to call him a media whore while Kim is the definition of both words? Hypocrites yes..?


Hahahaha. Glad they are trading him. If his career gets in any worse trouble we will see if he wants to continue playing legal fees like an idiot. He will look like a Fool


Nooooooo! We dont want him n NC...plz dont do that 2 us


Oh and Kris is a good player when he plays 20minutes+ he is a double-double he's averaging 6points because he's averaging 9minutes now... Do the maths


I thought you are HOLLYWOOD gossip? At least he'll still have a job, still in the NBA and bagging a whole lota money!!! $$$$$$$ where he plays is not a major issue


well, Maine would be better............
(as far away as is possible)


Seem like Kanye West got Jay-Z to get rid of Kris Humphries after all. Well dogs that sleep together wake up with flees together. Can not wait until Kim neuter Kanye. What goes around comes around may take a while but when it does it hit where the pain never seem to end.

Victoria mcguire

Garbage reporting. He is having a great season. Ip believe these type of crap are fed to these mags by kris & kim k, for sure

Escape scape

Good for you Chis.......You Go Boy!!!!!!!!!!!! Mek she guh siddung .. meaning let her go sit in a corner lol

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