Kris Humphries: Dropped, Dissed by Attorney!

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Kim Kardashian is not the only person who wants nothing to do with Kris Humphries.

Kris Humphries on GMA Set

Marshall Waller has submitted court documents in which he drops the power forward as a client and cites an "irremediable breakdown of the attorney-client relationship," something he has tried to fix via conversations with Humphries.

Which went nowhere.

Kris will require a new California lawyer if he wishes to proceed with his Kim Kardashian divorce case.

Waller also slammed Humphries on his way out, admitting there are no legal grounds to demand an annulment, which is the reason Kris has been dragging out this fight.

In the papers that announced his resignation, the attorney referred to "irreconcilable differences" between himself and his client.

Yes, those are the grounds for most - wait for it… - DIVORCES.


Kris is being too stubborn and ridiculous.People supporting him did not see the shows where he was insufferable, obnoxious and mean.He did not win in his bid to divide the family eg Kim from Khloe Kim knew she had a no win situation on her hands, there was nothing there to like, let alone tolerate, so she kicked him out of her life, at least tried to. He still begged to be let in, that he would do anything she wanted if she would take him back, and when she rejected him, everything all of a sudden became fraudulent. So would he have continued living the life he now considers fraudulent, if she had taken him back? When did he suddenly care that it was fraudulent? If the shows were fraudulent, he was acting in them, and getting paid for it! Quit with the whinning!
And why did he want to drag the case on for so long and constantly delay the trial date? Is it because he is still hanging on, and does not really care, as long as he is basking in the reflected glory? It would made sense that if he disliked the lifestyle so much, he would want to end any type of association with it asap.
He also has now shot himself in the foot, the trial will be right during the playoffs, and he has got to be in court. Not that most people will miss him anyway, his playing is simply not awesome, and now he has been relegated to warming the bench!


Kris wants an annulment that Kim isn't willing to bend on. He's given up everything else. She was involved with kayne while still married to Kris. That's plain and simply. ADULTERY. In legal terms that's a breech of contract. Kris could've taken everything. He legally is the injured party regardless of other claims. His lawyer jumping ship isn't unusual. A lot of lawyers aren't much more than used car dealers that broker the law and have little or no actual courtroom or trial experience. When a lawyer can't broker a deal then he jumps ship to save his reputation and the reality that he's not much of a lawyer. It's typical. Irreconcilable differences between client and lawyer are common too. Clients want attorneys too do things illegal or more often things that attorneys just don't want to do because its not cost effective for the attorney. In this case this should by all means go to trial ASAP. Let's get it over so THG can move on and get over this kardashian infatuation.


Even Kris's lawyer wants nothing to do with him. LOL. Kris, you have no case. Just accept reality, your time of having fame are up. Soon, you will be playing for the Bobcats. At least the two were meant to be. Instead of being a backup for the Nets, you might actually be a starter for those losers. Way to go!


It is beyond me how Kim is coping with his undiginified and provocative behaviour. What an incredibly stubborn individual. When he was first on the show I felt sorry for him as the Kardashians (most especially Kris and Khloe) actually believe it is their family newcomers and boyfriends should fit in with and noone else matters. Scott in particular has had a terrible time with those arrogant women. Now I feel Humphries should just let go and divorce normally as he is quickly becoming very unattractive to any decent new woman he wants to become involved with and a pain to the rest of us.


He really needs to let the mess go and move on with his life. Even if he gets what he wants, will he be satisfied or continue harassing Kim Kardashian? She needs to focus more on her unborn baby with Kanye.


AWESOME it finally comes out Kris is a stupid whinny ass little bitch boy. For those of you that keep whining about stupid ass getting his annulment that isn't Kim's doing it's the DAMN LAW. Call it what you want but the fact still remains they were married to long for an annulment he has no choice other than a divorce like any other person wanting out of a marriage. He slept with her that consummated their marriage like his attorney says he has no grounds for an annulment.


I look at it like this...Kris Humphries is nothing but a fame-hungry man-whore who is dragging this divorce shit out (or whatever) for extra attention. STUPID-ASS MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!


Are you kidding me? Who gives a SHIT? I mean, wow, holy fuck. Mind blowing stuff right here. Blocked, reported for spam, disliked, called the cops, and burned my house down.
Thank you all so much.


But their marriage it did exist. He just except that and move on. Kim certainly has. His time to be in spotlight is over the curtain has come down and they are yanking him off the stage with a cane.


Finally someone on his side is speaking up against Kris. He just doesnt get that his 15 mins are over and that it is time to move on. HE is the one holding this up, not Kim. Too many just dont understand the legal issues here. Kris is using this for everything he can for attention. Stupid doesnt realize just how stupid it makes him look.