Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries Divorce Trial: Scheduled!

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Our national nightmare will not end for at least another three months.

The day after Kris Humphries' lawyer peaced out on his client and also trashed Humphries for claiming he can annul his marriage to Kim Kardashian, a judge has set a trial date for this pair to finally hash it all out.

They will meet in court on May 6.

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Kardashian's attorney fought for a date next month, but nothing was available until well into the spring.

By now, everyone (unfortunately) knows the particulars:

  • Kris and Kim were married for 72 days.
  • Kim has been pushing for a divorce for well over a year.
  • Humphries has been stalling and claiming the marriage ought to be annulled because he was duped into a union Kim knew was phony from the start.
  • In other words: he's holding out to embarrass Kim, irritate Kim or force Kim into giving him a ton of money. Or a combination of each.

Oh, and a pregnant Kim Kardashian is expecting Kanye West's baby. Good times all around.


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Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries Divorce Trial: Scheduled!
Guys, dont work your right hands out))
You are welcome)


Dont worrie bout that aholeKim u will b just fine


I will be so happy when Kim is free from Kris and can enjoy her life. Kris is a loser and his own lawyer wants nothing to do with him. I hope she has the privilege of watching his life fall apart


Kim K makes me sick with her big pooper and desire to do anything for money. She thinks she is a role model for girls, and that make me sick. Lets face it she game to fame because of her video of her banging some black guy. She duped Kris and he should be mad and torture this sleeze.


I can't wait for him to bring this no talent,self-absorbed tramp down! The whole family is annoying trash.


I am looking forward to this nonsense finally going to trial. This idiot has no grounds for an annulment and he knows that. He just keeps dragging it out n hopes that something might come up that might help him. And all this raw footage that he wants is only going to show how much of a jerk he was to Kim and why she chose to divorce him. I'm surprised that u htrs that r female don't support her through this. Usually when a woman is n a verbally abusive relationship ppl encourage her to leave. But not u htrs, u ppl just bash her for it. I can't wait for this so all u shithead followers eat ur words.


Kris Humphries sh'd move on....let him leave Kim K to be........ come on she's in a happy relationship with kanye


Put your hand on the Bible and swear under oath... POOF! Mrs Humphries spontaneously combusts!


I feel bad for Humpries, he fell into the hands of the most greedy man eater on earth, she steps over and uses whoever she needs to to get to the top. She used Paris Hilton to start being seen everywhere when nobody knew whose was, then took her advise to do a sex tape for publicity, she drops Hilton and goes solo, Cris Jenner says PUBLIC-during the show that they need a weeding (for ratings) tries to marry kourtney, kourtney blowed her off, Cris renews her vowels, ratings don't go up, she is too old and everybody prefers kim since the whole world have seen her naked and sex sells. Cris Jenner pressures kim and she goes on the hunt for a naive rich ball player she can use for the wedding. (After all she made public she wishes she was like Elizabeyh Taylor without the talent of course, she gets the fake multiple eyelashes and starts collecting diamonds and husbands) Kris Jenner is behind it all, she chooses the ring and makes Humpries buy it. They stage the whole "fake proposal with roses and all" which wasn't Humpies idea,! By now Humpies is mesmerized by Kim's vagina (not realizing too many black penises have been there, ewhh). Kim of course knows the marriage isn't real and orders the gifts to not get delivered (she has plans to exchange them for rolexes for her family). Humpries still doesn't see it but gets suspicious, he wants love, Cris Jenner and Kim plan trips for Kim to get out if town and avoid Humpries, Humpries brings his sister to one of d reality episodes, they obviously treat her like crap, he is getting more suspicious. They try to push his buttons even more and do something ridiculous such as "bringing a naked yoga man to the house?" Poor Humpries, he gets mad of course, and they edit the whole show to show him as an evil person and kim an innocent flower. The worst part is, Kardashians are very influential, an they have no morals or conscience. They buy the court system, what am I saying? THEY RUN THE COURT SYSTEM! Didn't the father get OJ Sympson walk out unharmed when obviously unquestionably guilty?
Cris Humpries, for whatever is worth, I want you to know that God knows and he is a just God, your loved ones know and I know, and I love u and admire you and pray for you.


kim, please stop this nonsens.
........just get him a nanny.

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