Jennifer Dempsey Accused of Catfishing For Teenage Boys, Faking Cancer For Sympathy

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Jennifer Dempsey, a married Arizona woman, is accused of seducing two teenagers in a catfishing scam ... all while faking cancer to gain sympathy from her family.

Dempsey, 35, allegedly posed on Facebook as a teen to lure two boys - ages 14 and 16 - into her car and the home she shares with her husband.

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Cops think more boys could have been targeted in her catfishing scam, including Notre Dame football star Manti Te'o. Just kidding. The best part?

When confronted by agents, she reportedly tried to use her "illness" as an alibi, saying intense chemotherapy had actually left her unable to have sex.

Officers soon learned this "cancer patient" was perfectly healthy.

Jennifer Dempsey took the fake cancer thing seriously, shaving her head, buying wigs and taping a fake chemotherapy port to her chest to convince her family.

According to reports, she had been carrying on this ruse for YEARS.

As for how she was exposed, Dempsey allegedly used various names to lure victims, and tried to convince one of them into believing she was pregnant.

Bizarrely, she is said to have been exposed as a fraud when she met with one of the boy's parents to discuss the "pregnancy" that allegedly occurred.

Concerned about her age and having discovered nude pictures of Dempsey on their son's cell phone, his parents contacted the Phoenix police.

Dempsey, arrested February 7, admits to having sex with the 16-year-old but denies sexual relations with the 14-year-old. Her credibility? Not strong.

She is currently in jail on charges of sexual conduct with a minor.