Kim Kardashian Cashes in on Pregnancy, Blogs About "Amazing" Mommy Jeans

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Forget wah-wah. There's only one sound Kim Kardashian hears when thinking of her impending child:


The reality star has started to cash in on her pregnancy, blogging Monday after a "super comfy" pair of mommy jeans that are designed by J Brand.

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"I feel like I’m back to my old self and I’m so happy!" Kardashian wrote on her official site. "With this being my first pregnancy I’ve been finding it really difficult to find clothes that are comfortable and fit me well, but these are great. Are there any other moms to be out there who have tried these?"

Probably. But there aren't any others who were paid six figures to write those words.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting a girl in July, but this doesn't mean the couple will be getting married any time soon.

For one thing, Kim is STILL legally wed to Kris Humphries.

For another, she said in a recent Cosmo interview that she does not feel an urgency to marry. That, of course, may change the more cash E! throws at her to televise the wedding.

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Kim Kardashian Cashes in on Pregnancy, Blogs About "Amazing" Mommy Jeans
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Omfg she's not cute pregnant at all! She's huge!


Not to mention that the jeans are over $200 a pair!


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