Kim Kardashian to Cosmo: No Rush to Marry!

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Kim Kardashian admits in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan: she was once a hypocrite.

Because she claimed to be proud of her curves and then sold out for an unsafe dietary supplement? No.

Because she admits that she once judged Kourtney Kardashian for getting knocked up without being married.

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"I was like, ‘You're not married! How could you do this?' I was really firm and strict," Kim said of her initial reaction to her sister's pregnancy. "But she was like, ‘Marriage isn't what I want.' And later, I realized she had a better family life than I did."

So does this mean Kim and Kanye West won't be exchanging vows any time soon?

Marriage is "something I know that we both want in our future," Kardashian said. "But I don't have this sense of urgency about it."

Yet don't get Kim wrong. She insists that Kanye is the long-term man for her:

"I have this best friend who understands me and helps me through all my tough experiences, and vice versa, you know? It just feels like this is it for me."

So she has the man. But is she ready for the child?

"I've always said that I wanted kids, but I don't think I ever would have been ready until now. Sometimes you're just not ready. A person could have it all, and you're not ready for it all. But this is where I probably always should have been."

She'll find out for certain in July.


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Kim Kardashian to Cosmo: No Rush to Marry!
Seems homemade to me


I. Love. Your. Show


you been married for 72 days or something and cause he wasn't a well name you moved on too another Z listed you silly bitch


don't do it: I'M STILL YOURS!!


Yes you're in no rush to marry you're already married. And bitching about your sister and her bastards you got alot of nerve talk.knotted up and married to another man good way to show you child what a real whore you are. No talent classless twat!

@ mrs j

My thoughts EXACTLY! WHY would she be in a rush to get married since she is already married! She is such a nasty skank, why can't she just disappear to whore island???

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