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Tanning Mom is no longer on the hot seat … well, legally anyway.

A grand jury declined to indict the New Jersey raisin for dragging her five-year-old daughter into a tanning bed last year, for which she was arrested.

She became a national punch line, but Patricia Krentcil won’t be an inmate after the case against her never materialized into formal criminal charges.

Children under age 14 are barred from using tanning salons, but Krentcil had denied bringing the kid into the physical tanning bed inside the place.


A grand jury must have agreed.

Tanning Mom claimed the burn marks on her little daughter’s legs came from the sun, which we assume did not appear to testify before the grand jury.

The arrest generated publicity because of Krentcil’s extreme tan and professed love of tanning salons; Kristen Wiig did an unreal impression of her.

According to CBS New York, Krentcil’s daughter was not taken away; she remained in her mother’s custody as the case proceeded through the grand jury.

So anyway, Case closed. Tanning booth presumably open in N.J.