Kate Gosselin: Kids NOT Traumatized By Celebrity Wife Swap!

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Kate Gosselin is speaking out against rumors that her kids were traumatized by their stint on Celebrity Wife Swap - or that she slammed Kendra Wilkinson.

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star and Kendra star traded places Tuesday night, setting a ratings record but receiving considerable flak as well.

At least in Kate Gosselin's case. No surprise there.

Certain comments she made appeared unnecessarily critical of K-Dubs, while rumors started flying that her kids hated the experience and were traumatized.

How does she respond to those allegations?

Kate tells celebrity news show Extra that they're false, and in the clip above, has nothing but glowing praise for Kendra - and her husband Hank Baskett.

She said ABC's editors probably tried to highlight the differences between them for effect, but there is no feud with the Playboy model, only respect.

As for the kiddos, she says they were on board with CWS and had a blast ... which is not actually hard to believe considering they got Kendra for a week.

She may be the epitome of laid back.

Case closed? Seven million people watched, so the joke is on her critics. Good luck to Mark McGrath and Coolio next week, trying to top that figure.


Her kids were traumatized when Kate came back.


It is painfully obvious how sad those children are. Kate will do anything at the expense of her kids. So she got another 15 minutes of fame. Will it ever stop? Kate needs to go back to being a nurse. She is not a star. She is not a entertainer. She had a reality show and it is over. To raise your kids as though they are in the army is sad. Those kids looked incredibly sad but as usual they went along with the program. They better go along with their mom before she brings out the wooden spoon.

Maria sanchez
@ K&K

Well the kids are a 1,000,000,000,000,000, times better with her than the looooooooosser father she should of put hes ass to pay child support


She really does think she's a star lol does she ever tell the truth!


K.G., was fascinating; but more than that, her children and how they have grown, are so well balanced. They love their routine and Kate has done a remarkable job. She has insured that her children enjoy their lives, school, meals, chores and are rewarded by how well they are get along. These are amazing children and I look forward to them as they grown, they are smart, mannerly and laugh and enjoy life because they have a mother who insures they have family life coupled with fun. I loved watching those children. I'm sure Kendra was amazed that Kate G did this by herself, she put her children first, not herself, but her children and it certainly showed. I would love to see a monthly show or a quarterly show about Kate and her children. If you do not like Kate Gosselin, don't watch her, but she is not circling a drain and she is now pass the divorce, the terrible bullying, the horrific blogs and she is proving that she has learned a lot about the Industry she wants to work in. Kendra's hubby did not resent Kate and he really laughed a lot and he enjoyed being able to relax. Kendra is certainly not a bad person, she is in a very pressurized business and she is always on TV in some show or another, so Hank makes it possible for her to relax when she can. It is great she realizes she is missing time with her little boy while he is young and that hunk of a husband; so I think Kate felt good about the world seeing how mature and fun loving her children are. Kate, I applaud you. You did it. Anyone defaming her? Jealousy, just jealousy, Kate lost weight, takes care of herself, is healthy and so are those children. All of them participated, spoke and were very vocal about their likes and dislikes, they like their life. Sad that Dad saw it all as too much work and left for a fantasy life with the bimbos, he has a great one now, she supports him, that is what he needs, a mother who pays the bills, lol


Once again Kate made it all about her, noone else gets the credit for the ratings, her kids are scared of her. She can;t even hold a intelligent conversation unless it's about her. She claims she does'nt get time for herself, that is just another lie, She is the most self absorbed woman I have ever seen, period.


Kate Gosselin? Will we ever get rid of that bitch?


Are either of these two relevant?




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