Kate Gosselin Sort of Slams Kendra Wilkinson on Celebrity Wife Swap

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Watching Kate Gosselin and Kendra Wilkinson trade lives for a day on Celebrity Wife Swap felt oddly like old times. You know, when they were on TV a lot.

As a single mother of eight children, it was kind of a total cakewalk for Kate to slip into Kendra's life - one child, a husband present, a full-time nanny even.

Still, all Kate seemed to see were examples of how Kendra is not that great of a mother, and lazy to boot. She didn't hold back at all about her experiences.

"Imagine my surprise, then, when I arrived at your house and discovered you have one child. It was a very unique experience to sort of do nothing," Kate said.

Later, she told her CWS counterpart, "Reading your manual made me believe that you just let everybody else do everything because you don’t care."

This reduced Kendra to tears.

Jeez, Kate, tell us how you really feel! Sure, a vintage Kate Gosselin meatloaf recipe feeds eight mouths, but she may want to sprinkle in a little compassion.

Watch some clips of the duo above - on the show and discussing it on The View - and tell us if you think the former Mrs. Jon Gosselin is being too harsh.


I agree who is Kate to talk about anyone she sure could not take a prize on mother of the year. Why is she even newsworthy is something i can't understand. She needs to start being a good mother as opposed to always starting someting with other people. Go away Kate and stay away




Kate what a BIATCH you are!! Jealous of Kendra cuz she's still hot and her life fell into place and SHE IS successful at life. swear!! guess ya gta love her haters Kendra!! Let that trash be ur motivator, ur still HOT and you've always been a real person and a good person. Never let anotha heffer reduce you to tears!! Holla at ya grl. --- Lady A Luv


Who the hell gives a flying f*^k what this woman has to say about anything?!? She has NO right to talk about anyone's parenting when she herself is no mother!


this hypocrite, who has nannies taking care of her children, needs to be relegated to no more publicity, no more tv shows, no nothing. I hope the ratings for this are as low as her bitchiness is high.

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