AshLee Frazier Reaction to The Bachelor Elimination: Right or Wrong?

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Even though The Bachelor spoilers called it, no one saw that coming.

Needless to say, no one was as surprised, or as crushed, by AshLee Frazier's elimination on The Bachelor last night as the beautiful Texan herself.

Her reaction was unlike any we've seen before on the show.

AshLee Frazier’s death stare and jaded, near-silent exit polarized fans who saw her as a frontrunner all year - and even stunned her competition.

Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter looked at each other in shock as AshLee did not hug Sean, did not say goodbye, and did not accept his reasoning.

No tears, no hugs. Just sadness, and clearly some anger. What did you think of how she went out? True to a strong woman's nature? Or just rude and bitter?

It's TRIPLE poll time, THG readers and Bachelor fans!

Ash's reaction to getting sent home: Right or wrong?

Did Sean make the right decision eliminating her?

Who do you want to win The Bachelor now?


One thought I forgot to include: Sean talked a lot about religion during the Bachelorette with Emily, and during the Bachelor this year. Yet I have NEVER heard Catherine say anything about faith, spirituality, or religion. When asked about not having premarital sex with Sean, her response was that she "honored his decision" not "Being a religious person also, we agree on this issue." He chose the least religious (at least as far as we could tell) of the final four. I'm not saying that everyone should be religious, I'm saying that religion is a HUGE thing in marriage, particularly in decisions regarding how your children will be raised. She can't just "honor his decision" she should share his decisions through a shared, equal importance of religion in both of their lives. I know what I am talking about, because I made this mistake in choosing someone who was not religious, whereas I am. Needless to say, it didn't work.


AshLee needs to see a therapist..if she has already seen one she needs to see a better one. She throws that abandonment issue around in a conscious or unconscious bid for sympathy and to manipulate others. I agree about the look on her face, it was actually scary !! Many people are adopted, she needs to focus on the fact that she was lucky enough to get loving parents. It must make them feel like crap when she keeps bringing up her "abandonment" issues since by her own account, they have been wonderful. Sean was wrong, it wasn't Tierra who should not have been on the program, it was AshLee...she's too unstable. The choice of Catherine? She's cute, but it is obvious that she is not in love with Sean as much as he is in love with her. I thought Emily was out of her mind when she didn't pick I think Sean is out of his mind to have picked Catherine over Des. He could have "manned up" over her POS brother.

@ Kaylee Marie

Ashlee does not have issues. Sean is going to have
bigger ones with Catherine. Remember this show
edits and omits things to create the drama.
They played the abandonment card about Ashlee
over and over again. She was perfect for him
In every way. Mature, religious, gorgeous and a Texan. She possessed all the things he fell in
love with in Emily last year. He really screwed
Up this time.


Ashlee has got issues, she has crazy eyes!!!! And I think she looks way too old for her age and Sean


AshLee handled herself just fine at the end. Our society has become so shallow that all Americans want to see is some giggling idiot bouncing around like a 12 year old. AshLee is a grown woman, and Sean is acting like a frat boy. Des's brother called it correctly. At first he said he liked Sean, then after observing him, Des's brother called Sean's bluff. I LOVED the way Nathan told Sean he wasn't buying it. Des's brother was right. If Sean had really cared about Des, then he would have chosen her. As for Catherine, she is pretending to be this bubbly up-beat girl, but she is hiding a lot of emotional problems. Plus, I don't think she is really in love with Sean. She is dishonest.

@ Lea

Ashlee is emotionally unstable. She needs profesional help to get over her feeling of abandonment and her need to control every situation. sean was so smart to get rid of her. After watching the Batchelor 'Women Tell All' tonight I think that she may even be a sociopath. I'd rather have a giggler than a nut job!
Sean didn't love Des so he let her go, it is as simple as that.
With Catherine, what you see is what you get, she is genuine and that is why Sean picks her.
Anyway it is his choice!


SO proud of AshLee! If a man led me on like that and said he wanted maturity and then dumped me for a goofy girl, I would be furious. Sean is such a phony.

@ Sara

I agree. Sean is a phony. He is on this show to further his career in show business. He's a model and he wants a job in the media. Several times he has been on the local Dallas ABC channel for interviews and fitness segments. I bet he has a career in the media some where. He's not on this show to really find a wife. Catherine is an ambitious young woman who really wants a career in New York City. She will hate living in conservative Dallas.


Yes, but did you see that rack?


Ashlee clearly has some issues that she needs to work on. Every single thing that happens to her she realtes to being 'abandoned' as a child (even though she clearly has has very loving adoptive parents) The girl needs to work on herself before she can have a healthy relationship with a man. The look on her face before she got in the limo was strange to say the least. What was she expecting coming on a show like this? Isn't it kind of a 'game' after all?


AshLee's reaction to being dumped is what it is. She's very poised and well mannered, so her silent death stare seemed appropriate for the situation. Less is more. She just seemed a little too humorless and needy during her time on the show and she constantly over analyzed everything. A little mystery isn't a bad thing. She brought up her abandonment issues at every turn, which grew tiresome. C'est la vie!


I noticed that the Bachelors trend is to ultimately dump the older women at the end and go for the girls that are several years younger. Ashlee was the first to actually say the L word to him, long before anyone else even did. I don't think it was fair for him to lead her on like that only to dump her last minute.


Shawn felt scared because he knew he had led Ashlee on. He knew from the beginning she had control issues related to being abandoned as a child. So he gains her trust, encourages her to spill it all to him and then got scared that he might actually have to be the broad shoulders for her that he pretended to be. Yep, immature...and that's why he overlooked the more solid women in favor of the sillier immature ones. He's a man's man and wants a friend to goof off with, not a real woman. I think Ashlee handled the rejection perfectly...her eyes were saying "how could told me to trust you" and her body language said "don't come near me". I think that only made her even more sexier than she already was.

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