The Bachelor Spoilers: Sean Lowe Engaged To ...

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By now, fans have likely read (or deliberately avoided) The Bachelor spoilers floating out there for months now ... but if you haven't, well, buckle up!

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    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee catherine omg thank god he picked her im so exited


    i dont think that they r right for eachother!!


    I am sure that Catherine will be the lucky one....

    @ anita

    omg does cathrine really win wow he sent the the bar really low!!


    Guys first of all these shows are edited prior to air play. Body language says it all. Sean is soo in love with Lindsay. He wa ecstatic when her dad gave him his blessings. Every vein in his forehead was a big give away. Watch the replay before the finale! Ashlee was too desperate. With all said. It's his choice that counts


    I think Catherine should be the pick. Having said that, Desiree might have been the best match, but I can understand where Sean is coming from regarding the antics of her brother. As for Ashlee, she revealed her true colors on the Tell-All show, going from crazily foolish and hasty declaration of "Sean is my soulmate!" before Sean let her go to a spiteful "Sean lied to me and led me on" afterwards. She's a control freak who is full of fury when she can't control everything, in this case, Sean's heart. Sean may have made the wrong call on Desiree, but he certainly made the right call regarding Ashlee. Hopefully he makes the right call in the finale and picks Catherine. Yet, I can only hope that they don't rush into things and just date for it seems to me that Sean is ready not just for marriage, but also for children, white-picket fence, etc., whereas Catherine 'might' be ready for marriage, but I don't think she is ready for children and the whole nine yards. Sean's mom is right: There is no need to propose to any of these great ladies. Yet truth be told, marriage proposal is what the 'script' for the show dictates. So hopefully both Sean and Catherine will just go through the motions of it, and then in real life just take things slow and date.

    @ HunkeeMonkee

    i hate catherine!!


    I really want Lindsay to win. She seems like the best choice for Sean. Catherine seems like she isn't ready to settle down in Dallas yet. I also hope Des is the next bachelorette. She was my favorite. But this is just my opinion, and I'm only 15 years old :)


    We've had a bunch of AH bachlors. I think the coolest
    one with the truth is the one named Nick on Bachlor
    Pad. Like to know how he's doing and he was doing the RIGHT thing for him!!! Good Luck-Nick!


    Starting out I thought Sean was nice, then he's got his eye only on whant HE wants, anything "smells" to him, he lets go:he has to completely have the say, no one is perfect and he missed it with AsLee. She was more then he as a person-he did lead her down the wrong path and knew it. He was a coward
    that he couldn't/would'nt own up to it. He did lead her
    to believe he didn't have the connection with them that he and she did. I think the important thing is now is that AsLee Knows for sure he's a CYA kinda
    guy! Hope we don't have to see much more of him!
    Everything about what he seems does not hold true.

    @ Sasy1000001

    Ashlee had issues. Sean was correct to dump her!!


    Sean is a player. No matter who he picks on TV - it wont last long. The whole show is a big scam. Its like a soap opera. Every one wants their face on TV, none are interested in marriage.

    @ Rosanne

    I agree with you...Sean is a P-L-A-Y-A!!!!! Also, this stupid-ass CRAP about Sean being a "born-again virgin?" N-O-T buying it at all!!!!! Most of all, it took Sean FOREVER to eliminate that psycho train-wreck Tierra. In short, Sean is acting like a lust-crazed JACKASS!!!!!!

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